Jaguars 2021 Training Camp: Lawrence “Looks Good”

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Jacksonville-Darrell Bevel replied concisely and clearly.

The topic was new quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Bevel, the Jaguars attack coordinator, was speaking on Thursday. Just after Lawrence made two impressive performances in a row and started the Jaguars 2021 training camp at the Dreamfinders Homes Practice Complex.

What did Lawrence look like? Bevel was asked.

“He looks good,” Bevel said.

Bevel did not overemphasize Lawrence on Thursday. And in his first season as Jaguar’s attack coordinator, Bevel covered a number of topics other than Jaguar’s overall No. 1 player in the 2021 NFL Draft last March.

But Lawrence, who made a massive repeat on Wednesday with the Jaguars not yet nominated a starting quarterback on the first team, was impressive-so he was the first in Bevel’s first ’21 camp availability. It was a topic of.

“I’m really happy with his presence in terms of preparation and I can carry it over to the field,” Bevel said. “We continue to work every day.”

Bevel said he was impressed as well as Lawrence during the first two days of the camp.

“I actually talked to people with all the aggressive skills [Thursday] “The holding power was very good on the first day,” Bevel said. The book and they are back, they are dusting it and they are rusty.

“Our guys are back [Wednesday], And it was a really sharp practice on the first day. So they all did a great job.There were some things [Thursday], But in most cases they were actually dialed in. “

Bevel, who spent 2011-2017 as an aggressive Seattle Seahawks coordinator and Detroit coordinator for the past two seasons, was asked about Lawrence working with many receivers at Clemson. Off-season programs and training camps.

“You love such things,” Bevel said. “That’s a good thing. That’s where friendship begins. From there we tweak a few things. There are lines in the book, and what we do, there are some nuances, each. People have different nuances. Spend that extra time when you can and you will learn it.

“You can read body language, and you know how a guy comes out of a break by the way he gets into it. That’s what they’re doing there.”


At the training camp on Thursday, the depth of running back was talked about. Last year’s starter, James Robinson, said a deeper rotation in this position could be of great help. “They always talk about fresh feet coming out, and I know it would be very helpful to have those fresh feet when the season comes,” he said. Robinson started 14 games as a rookie last season, rushing seven touchdowns at 1,070 yards, but 240 times faster than the 32 times of Dare Ogunboire, who had the second carry on the team. The gap has narrowed significantly this season, with Jaguar signing veteran Carlos Hyde as an unlimited free agent in March, choosing 25th place in the 2021 NFL Draft. “That’s what we need,” Bevel said. “This game feels like it’s built that way, and I know [Head] coach [Urban] Meyer believes you will run the ball first. We want to be able to show our will to our opponents and help them do other things in the pass game. Having a lot of backs out there-and a lot of backs that look really good-is better for us. “Robinson’s Bevel added. To get his fair share of doing it. “


Bevel on Meyer’s commitment to sports performance: “I have never seen the level of commitment to it as it is now. He is committed and sees all the commitments we have in it. Can. I’ve never really seen it. Dedication [among players] As much as we had in the off-season. Everyone was here. Everyone was working. They weren’t barking at all. They were the first to jump into it. … I think it will be displayed here. “

Jaguars 2021 Training Camp: Lawrence “Looks Good”

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