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New York (AP) —Jackie Mason is a rabbi-turned comedian whose strong-brand stand-up comedy has led him to Catskill nightclubs, West Coast talk shows, and Broadway stages. He was 93 years old.

Mason died in the mountains on Saturday at 6 pm. Celebrity lawyer Raoul Felder told The Associated Press after being hospitalized in Manhattan’s Sinai Hospital for more than two weeks.

The terrible Mason was known for his keen wit and keen social commentary, often about Jews, men and women, and his own deficiencies. His typical style was amusing and angry.

“In the United States, 80% of married men cheat. The rest cheat in Europe,” he once joked. Another Mason’s words were, “Politics does not make strange companions, but marries.” He once described himself as follows: I thought they were talking about me. “

His death described Mason as “irregular, iconoclasm, entertaining, wise, and great American patriot,” from fellow comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who called him “one of the best.” It was widely mourned, including Sean Hanity, the acclaimed Fox News channel personality. Henry Winkler tweeted: “Now you can make heaven laugh.”

Mason was born as Jacob Maza, the son of Rabbi. His three brothers became rabbis. So did Mason, who once had congregations in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. The comedy finally proved to be a more relentless calling than God.

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“To be a comedian, one needs to be emotionally barren, empty, or frustrated,” he told The Associated Press in 1987. You are looking for something and are willing to pay a high price to get that attention. “

Mason started show business as a social director at a Catskill resort. He was the guy who launched everyone to play Simon Says, quiz games, or shuffleboard. He also joked. After a season, he was playing the club throughout Catskill for better money.

“No one else knew me, but in the mountains I was a hit,” Mason recalled.

In 1961, a pint-sized comic made a big break and appeared on Steve Allen’s weekly television variety show. His success took him to the “Ed Sullivan Show” and other programs.

He was banned for two years from the “Sullivan” show, where he allegedly gave his host a finger when Sullivan signaled him to summarize his actions during his appearance on October 18, 1964.

Mason’s actions took him to Broadway, where he held several solo exhibitions, including “Freshly Squeezed” in 2005, “Love Thy Neighbor” in 1996, and “The World By Me” in 1988. .. Tony Awards.

“It feels like Ronald Reagan tonight,” Mason joked on Tony’s night. “He was a lifelong actor, knew nothing about politics and became president of the United States. I’m a former rabbi who knew nothing about acting and won a Tony Award.”

Mason called himself an observer and learned by seeing people. From those observations, he said he got a joke and then tried it on a friend. “I want to make a fool of myself in front of two people with just the 1000 people who paid the ticket,” he told AP.

His humor could leap from computer and designer coffee to Sen at the time. John Kerry, former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Donald Trump. He was able to articulate the average Joe’s anger, making life’s resentment look interesting and perhaps a little more bearable.

“I rarely write down anything. I think about life and try to put it in joking phrases,” he said. “I never make incredible jokes. For me, messages and jokes are the same.”

On television, Mason was a credible presence, usually making cameo appearances on shows such as “30 Rock” and “The Simpsons,” and as a credible guest on late-night chat shows. He performed in front of Queen Elizabeth II of England, and his show “Fearless” performed in 2012 in London’s West End.

He portrayed a former Jewish pajamas salesman who fell in love with an Irish Catholic widow depicted by Lynn Redgrave in a series called “Chicken Soup” in 1989, but it didn’t last long. During the OJ Simpson murder trial, the British Broadcasting Corporation’s Scottish service hired Mason as a weekly commentator. He was on the infamous flop “Caddyshack II”.

Mason’s humor has gone too far, as it did when Republican mayoral candidate Rudolph Giuliani caused a controversy in New York during a campaign against Democrat David Dinkins. Mason had to apologize, among other things, after saying that the Jews would vote for Dinkins out of guilt.

His longtime friend Felder told AP that Mason had a Talmud outlook on life.

He is survived by his wife’s producer, Jill Rosenfeld, and his daughter, Sheva.

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Jackie Mason dies at the age of 93, an entertaining and angry comic | Entertainment

Source link Jackie Mason dies at the age of 93, an entertaining and angry comic | Entertainment

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