“It’s hard to find the answer”: Northwest residents, city councilors try to stop the illegal exhibition of the July 4 fireworks display

Chicago (CBS)- Viewers contacted CBS2 and were dissatisfied with the illegal fireworks in the northwestern neighborhood.

She has been annoying police, Chicago Park District, and city councilors since last summer, but said no results.

Now, almost a year later, she is seeking action again prior to the July 4th holiday. Morning Insider Lauren Victory takes us into her crusades.

The small Green Briar Park on the northwest side of Chicago has many small feet.

“I love being a place for kids to hang out,” said Madeline Catan, who also squeaks about the bark because she’s worried about everyone’s safety.

“I saw children sitting on these benches 20 feet and 50 feet after the fireworks were launched,” she said.

Illegal fireworks are a problem throughout Chicago on July 4th each year. Often they are shot down near homes and trees.

“The dogs in my neighborhood are scared,” said Catan’s neighbor, Teddy Boffman. Boffman’s dog Cinnamon is scared of noise over and over again.

“Fireworks will be launched in the weeks before July 4, and in the weeks after July 4, especially on July 4,” Boffman said.

Then there is the garbage left behind. Last summer, Catan spewed across a diamond in a baseball field and took a picture of it still burning under a tree.

She called 911 twice during the illegal exhibition.

“The policeman actually suggested that I move to the suburbs, which is not the answer,” Catan said.

So what’s the answer? We communicated Catan’s concerns to her Alderman, Andre Basquez (40th).

“Well, I mean the challenge is that it’s hard to find the answer, right?” Basquez said he asked the police about the issue, and both police officers and employees in the Chicago Park area fired illegal fireworks. I was told that it was too thin to hold back.

The Basquez office is looking at other ways to discourage amateurs. This includes giving the thrill of fireworks through the July 4th exhibition, officially recognized in his ward and run by a professional.

“For such things, what we saw was an estimate of raising $ 65,000,” Basquez said.

That money will not be ready by this July 4th, it will not make Catan happy.

“I’ve been asking for help for a year. I should have been far ahead of this year’s fireworks,” said Catan, who shared an email with an aide to the city council from September 2021 on the issue.

Catan volunteers to lead a steering committee on this issue. Basquez says he welcomes help to CBS2.

Do people need to call 911 if they witness someone launching fireworks?

The Chicago Police Department did not answer us to that simple question.

The Chicago Park District has told CBS2 to turn on the ballfield lights to stop illegal fireworks. The complete statement is:

The Chicago Park District strictly prohibits the use of all explosive devices on the Park District grounds, including but not limited to rockets, crackers, torpedoes, and other fireworks. We ask the general public to keep the park’s patrons and employees safe and to protect the park from damage by not using fireworks or other explosive devices in the park.

Park District Security monitors, reports, and responds to the use of fireworks on the park grounds and works closely with the Chicago Police Department to ensure that this policy is in place.

To prevent the use of fireworks in our parks, the park area is a stadium, especially around artificial turf fields, trees, and natural areas where this activity occurs and is most likely to cause serious damage. Activate the lighting.

The park district encourages park visitors to keep their parks clean and enjoyable by properly disposing of trash in designated waste containers. During the summer when our parks are used most often, the district is our busiest park 7 days a week, 6 days a week in all other parks including the weekend of 4th July, with waste containers and Collect garbage from recycled cans.

In addition, patrons are advised to dispose of hot coal in red cans in the park rather than at the roots of the trees, which are harmful to trees, wildlife and children who may be playing nearby.

“It’s hard to find the answer”: Northwest residents, city councilors try to stop the illegal exhibition of the July 4 fireworks display

Source link “It’s hard to find the answer”: Northwest residents, city councilors try to stop the illegal exhibition of the July 4 fireworks display

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