It’s a shame a good time to see the NFL

And the meek person inherits the first draft topic.

or not.

When the Jets visit the Texans on Sunday, there’s no point in the playoffs-or even a dream. Both teams are 2-8, which is of course the case.

Still, the winner may exclude himself from competing for the overall top spot in the draft next April. Detroit and Jacksonville are also NFL worst-recorded tailenders with solid shots, and consider that either the Jets or the Texans will be ahead of the others except for a tie.

Anyway, neither new coach Robert Saleh in New York nor David Curry in Houston are trying to overcome weak opposition this weekend. Of course, their clubs are just as weak.

“We are 2-8 years old. We played enough to win, but not enough to play to move forward to win,” says Curry.

‘It happens to be a jet. The following teams are the most important. You always want victory. You get victory, the thing is to get victory. That’s all I’m thinking about right now. “

Houston won its second victory last week at AFC South leader Tennessee, who was suffering from injuries and layoffs.

Jets defeated playoff candidates Titan and Bengal. Their other shows ranged from somewhat competitive to totally gloomy.

Saleh sees veteran quarterback Tyrod Taylor as a threat.

“Tyrod is back. When Tyrod was in the quarterback, they beat Jacksonville. Saleh said,” I think they gave them 37. ” Win-and they are winning soccer games around him. He is a problem. “

It’s as if the jets don’t have enough of them. Same as above for the Texans.

The traditional Thanksgiving match began with the Chicago Bears edging the Detroit Lions 16-14 with a 28-yard field goal in Cairo Santos.

Bears (4-7) finished five games under the embarrassed coach Matt Nagy, who was answering questions about his work situation within 48 hours of the kick-off. Lions (0-10-1) made many mistakes from early to late to extend the skid to 15 games.

Andy Dalton started in place of the injured rookie Justin Fields, leading the Bears in 18 plays, a 69-yard drive, with the final 8:30 off-time. Dalton finished 24 out of 39 at 317 yards.

Holidays are followed by Dallas (7-3) Las Vegas (5-5) and New Orleans (5-5) Buffalo (6-4).

This week, Arizona (9-2, NFL record) and Kansas City (7-4) will be off.

Los Angeles Rams (7-3) in Green Bay (8-3)

Opposite the Jets and Texans standings, two of NFC’s top candidates meet in Lambeau Field.

The Rams lost three consecutive games during Sean McVay’s five-year coaching career. At Cool Park, they have the most productive receivers in the league. Kup has 85 catches at 1,141 yards to lead the NFL in both categories. His 10 touchdown receptions are competing for the lead with Mike Evans in Tampa Bay.

Aaron Rodgers is suffering from a toe injury, and the Packers are down to the third string left tackle, Yosh Nijman, due to the injury. However, the Packers will join the Buccaneers this season as the only undefeated NFL team at home. Green Bay scored only 44 points on Rambo. This is the lowest total obtained in the first four packers home games of the season since 1969.

New England (7-4) Tennessee (8-3)

The Titans’ impressive winning string ended in bad weather last weekend, but the Patriots ran to five consecutive victories by routing Atlanta. New England has a beneficial habit of meeting unmanned enemies. This may also be the case. No team is close to the 82 players in at least one contest in Tennessee this season.

Being on the road doesn’t seem to bother Tennessee. Titan was 4-1 away from Nashville in 2021 and 13-3 away in the last 16 road games.

The Patriots recognize a low league of 16.1 points per game. They finished the top 10 with the fewest points allowed in each of the last nine seasons. This is the longest winning streak at the moment.

Tampa Bay (7-3) in Indianapolis (6-5)

Does anyone think Tom Brady is laughing at this match? Brady afflicted Colts, with 38 touchdown passes to 15-4, all in New England. He is second in the NFL, has a 3,177-yard pass, and has the league’s best 29TD pass.

Indy’s Remedy: Jonathan Taylor. He was the league’s first 1,000-yard runner this season and set the NFL record in eight consecutive games 100 yards from Scrimmage and at least one touchdown. In Buffalo last week, he attacked a 185-yard rush, a 204-yard scrimmage, and five TDs against the NFL’s No. 1 defense.

Colts also leads the NFL with 98 points from 76 first-quarter points and the league’s highest 25 takeouts.

Coincidentally, Bruce Arians of Bucks won the first prize of the NFL Coach of the Year Awards twice in 2012 as Interim Director of Colts after Chuck Pagano’s cancer diagnosis.

Bolchmore (7-3) Cleveland (6-5)

When Browns tries to find Mojo, he goes to the wrong place. The Ravens have dominated the series since the team moved from Cleveland, with Baltimore coach John Harbaugh 22-4 against the Browns. Cleveland has lost 10 of the last 13 to Baltimore, with two victories in overtime.

However, Browns replaced Ravens with the league’s most dangerous ground game. And after missing three games due to an elbow injury, the outstanding right tackle Jack Conklin could come back.

Lamar Jackson should be okay to start after missing a victory in Chicago due to illness. In his previous game, he was overwhelmed by Miami’s ferocious momentum. Myles Garrett leads the NFL with 13 sack, with a Cleveland club record of 14. Browns leads AFC with 29 sack.

Due to schedule quirks, AFC North rivals will meet twice every three weeks.

Cincinnati (6-4) Pittsburgh (5-4-1)

Cincinnati is trying to dominate Pittsburgh for the first time since 2009, while the Steelers are 32-20 in Cincinnati. Bengali have won in the last two meetings, including an explosive victory two months ago. Before that, the Steelers returned to 2014 to win 11 straight wins.

Pittsburgh’s Chris Boswell has never missed a field goal (23 to 23) and one point (33 to 32) against Bengals. Ben Roethlisberger is needed to continue the recently improved performance. The 39-year-old quarterback has achieved a passer rating of 104.3 in the last five games and threw nine touchdowns without interception.

Bengals has played five of the last seven games at home.

Los Angeles Chargers in Denver (6-4) (5-5)

Look for a focus on both run games. Austin Ekeller in LA is the only player in AFC with over 500 yards of rush yards (573) and over 400 receiving yards (405). He beat Pittsburgh last week with four touchdowns.

Denver’s Melvin Gordon II and rookie Jabonte Williams’ RB duo achieved 221 carries with 1,036 yards and six touchdowns. Gordon has 5 touchdowns and Williams has a 5 yard rush average.

Minnesota (5-5), San Francisco (5-5)

It’s not a wildcard exclusion game, but it’s close enough in late November.

The Vikings have lost 10 of the last 11 road games in the series, and their only win in that span will be in 2007. They have won the last two games this month and have shown their ability to finally finish. The Vikings are also the 18th team since the merger, leading each of the first 10 games by at least 7 points.

An early lead is important for the Nainers team, who has revived behind the work of dynamic receiver / Deebo Samuel and the tight-end George Kittle running back. The 49ers have started the game in the last two weeks with an 18-play TD drive and a 20-play FG drive.

Philadelphia (5-6), New York Giants (3-7)

The Giants fired offensive coordinator Jason Garrett this week. His troops are in a terrible state despite having talented skill players. A kind of sign that emphasizes those struggles: Worked on Andrew Thomas captured on a two-yard TD pass and became the first offensive lineman of the Giants to capture the TD since 1960.

Philly has discovered an aggressive firepower on the ground. The Eagles have been rushing 870 yards in the last four games. They have been rushing over 200 yards in a series of games for the first time since 1978. Last week, Philadelphia rushed to Washington 50 times, the most since October 5, 1997. With Jordan Howard, Miles Sanders and Boston Scott should get most of the work, along with the versatile quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Seattle (3-7), Washington (4-6), Monday night

Russell Wilson’s return from finger surgery has not helped the Seahawks. He was 207 yards and 14 out of 26, lost to Arizona and fired four times. Seattle is heading to the record for the worst 10 games in the franchise since 2009.

That said, Seattle’s .711 win rate on Monday night is the highest in the NFL. The Seahawks have won 11 of the last 14 Monday night games.

Since losing two picks in Denver before the goodbye week, Washington’s Taylor Heinicke has completed 77.8% of the 462-yard pass and won four TDs in a row. Heinicke won his career’s highest 141.3 QB rating in his Carolina victory.

Atlanta (4-6), Jackson Building (2-8)

The Falcons have allowed 100 yards for five consecutive weeks and eight yards in 10 games this season. Probably good news for Jugs RB James Robinson.

The Falcons have won the series three times in a row and more than doubled Jacksonville on the scoreboards of these games. Recent losses are part of the worst Jaguar spread in franchise history for NFC. Jacksonville has lost 14 games in a row 0-3 this season, 7-44 compared to NFC in the last 51 games.

Atlanta lost 26 offensive possessions for more than 130 minutes without a touchdown and was the first in a row without a TD since 1987.

Carolina (5-6) in Miami (4-7)

Another team struggling to stop the run is Miami, winning three straight games anyway. Good news for Christian McCaffrey of the Panthers. Christian McCaffrey is as effective as a running back NFL when you’re healthy. Since 2018, McCaffrey has been the highest in the NFL, with an average of 134.1 yards of scrimmage per game. His 11 career 100-yard receive games are among the most dating NFLs in history.

The flag may fly here. Carolina has been the NFL’s most penalized team for 11 weeks and has been flagged 81 times. Dolphins have a penalty of 75, one more than in 2020 as a whole.


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It’s a shame a good time to see the NFL

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