Isabelle Huppert and Cannes competition movie “EO” sold to France – deadline

Exclusive: French distributor ARP selection Just got Cannes Competition movie EO By Polish veteran Jerzy Skolimowski.

This movie is a vision of modern Europe through the eyes of a donkey. Hanway Films Handles worldwide sales, and the deal was negotiated by Gabrielle Stewart and ARP’s Michèle Halberstadt.

EO Skopia Film and Jeremy Thomas will appear, followed by Sandra Drzymalska, Isabelle Huppert, Lorenzo Zurzolo and Mateusz Kosciukiewicz. Pic was produced by Ewa Piaskowska, Jerzy Skolimowski and Eileen Tasca.

Jeremy Thomas is an executive producer. The script was written by Ewa Piaskowska and Jerzy Skolimowski.

The official outline of the movie is as follows. “The world is a mysterious place when viewed through the eyes of animals. A gray donkey with melancholy eyes, EO meets good and evil people, experiences joy and pain, and endures the circle of luck along the way of life. Randomly transforms luck into disaster and despair into unexpected bliss, but he never loses his innocence. “

We have heard good things about meditative movies.I like a little Le Quattro Volte When Truffle hunter, It could be a balm when global anxiety and stress are increasing, especially due to conflicts in Europe. If the first image of the movie (above) passes by, this can also be a surprisingly beautiful movie. In the rushing context of the Cannes Croisette, embarrassed journalists will affectionately call it a “donkey movie.”

Michelle Halberstadt commented: “We were amazed at the poetry, beauty and emotions that Jerzy Skolimovski can convey with such elegance and simplicity. Remember that we humans are just another kind of animal.”

Jeremy Thomas added: EO!! “

Skolomowski and Thomas have a long-standing relationship that began when Thomas made his second film. shoutWon the Grand Prix du Julie in Cannes in 1978. Skolomowski and Thomas also cooperated Essential killingWon the Special Jury Prize and the Volpi Cup Best Actor Award at the Venice Film Festival, 11 minutes It was also screened in a Venice competition.

Hanway Films Cannes market Slate also includes Meg Ryan What will happen later Starring Ryan and David Duchovny.Uberto Pasolini’s return Starring Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche. brandThe origin story of an organized crime gang in the American prison system, directed by Keelon Hawks.Stefano Mordini’s 2 win Starring Riccardo Skamarcio, Daniel Brühl and Volker Bruch.Kitty Green Social Thriller Royal Hotel..

Isabelle Huppert and Cannes competition movie “EO” sold to France – deadline

Source link Isabelle Huppert and Cannes competition movie “EO” sold to France – deadline

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