Is this Year Make of Break for Matt Nagy and the Bears?

Matt Nagy entered the role of head coach of the Bears in 2018 with high hopes – but as he enters his fourth season with the franchise, there’s still frustration amongst fans with many asking how much progress has been made in his tenure. The head coach has been accused of questionable play-calling as well as reports coming out of comments made by some of the players that indicate a lack of trust in Nagy’s abilities.

One of the most controversial topics surrounding the team and the head coach’s decisions at the moment surrounds quarterback Justin Fields. For the past several months Nagy has insisted that his starting quarterback will always be Andy Dalton. Despite many players, coaches, commentators and fans considering it to be a risky decision Matt Nagy has continued to stand firm with this decision. However, when Dalton went down with a knee injury in week 2 when they played against the Cincinnati Bengals the criticisms grew ever louder.

Justin Fields was forced to take over from Dalton and despite Nagy’s concerns, he played very well apart from a single bad throw. The shots he took downfield as well as how dynamic he was throughout the game proved to spectators and professionals alike that Fields should finally be allowed a chance to become starting quarterback – this was confirmed by Nagy in the lead up to Sunday’s match-up.

When questioned if Dalton would still be starting quarterback if he returns to full health, Matt Nagy refused to answer then later used the Bears official Twitter page to say that Dalton would still be the quarterback. After this interview, multiple players, including offensive coordinator Bill Lazor, said that they thought Justin Fields was ready and should be given a chance.

However, it was a disappointing first start for an offence that never really got going against Myles Garrett and the Browns defence. Fields was sacked 9 times and only amassed 68 passing yards in a game that has only heaped the pressure on Matt Nagy.

What Are The Fans Saying?

All of this controversy has led to multiple people questioning if Matt Nagy has overstayed his welcome. So far, no NFL coach has ever been fired from their job. However, with Matt Nagy’s string of standoffish interviews, conflicting messages and controversial decisions, oddsmakers have him as the favourite to be the first coach to ever be fired from the NFL at Evens. Some of Nagy’s supporters were hoping that the head coach would be allowed a chance to let the rookie quarterback bed in, but with the odds of him being fired increasing by the day, it’s looking ever more likely that Matt Nagy will be out of a job by the end of the year.

What Does This Mean For Sports Betting?

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Place Your Bets?

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Having legalised sports betting and gone as far as to allow sports betting inside stadiums and sportsbooks to be built within 5 blocks of a stadium, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to bet on Matt Nagy’s potentially imminent demise as head coach of the Chicago Bears. However, with the legalisation of sports betting within the state there has also been a whole host of online casinos that will let you bet on anything sports-related, including Matt Nagy’s possible departure. If you enjoy placing a bet then the odds might be worth watching for a while, because sportsbooks seem convinced that Matt Nagy’s days are numbered.

The Future for Sports Betting

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