Is Moderna the currently preferred vaccine?

File – File on Thursday, February 25, 2021 In the photo, a vial of Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines is displayed on a tray in a temporary clinic set up by the New Hampshire Guard in a high school parking lot. Exeter, New Hampshire (AP Photo / Charles Krupa)

(NEXSTAR) – Recently study The discovery that the Moderna vaccine produces twice as much antibody as Pfizer has made Pfizer’s status “Hot person vaccine.. After all, who doesn’t want all these extra antibodies to pass through the veins?

I asked two doctors if they would choose Moderna over Pfizer if they hadn’t been vaccinated yet.

Dr. Bob Wachter, Dean of the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, said:

But why? Dr. Peter Chin Hong, an infectious disease expert at the University of California, San Francisco, says it is difficult to pinpoint the cause of antibody enhancement. “Pfizer and Modana are essentially the same vaccine, so different performances can be strange,” he says.

Chin-Hong believes that Moderna’s advantage over Pfizer may be due to differences in management, not manufacturing. Those who have obtained Moderna will wait 4 weeks between the first and second doses. Those who get Pfizer only wait three weeks. That extra week of waiting can result in the body producing a stronger antibody response.

Wachter suggests that another factor is involved. The relative dose of mRNA at the Moderna dose is higher compared to Pfizer.

Should antibody boosts influence your choice if you have not yet been vaccinated? Is Moderna the way to go?

“High antibody levels after vaccination appear to correlate with increased defense and potential endurance,” Wachter said.

OK, but is Moderna twice as good? Not so fast.

“There are many other types of unmeasured immune cells that are not antibodies (such as T cells), and there are many other places (such as lymph nodes and bone marrow) that are not in the bloodstream where the immune cells hang. Don’t forget that. ” Chin Hong. “So I’m always doing these antibody studies with a small salt.”

What is the conclusion? “All three vaccines provide reliable protection from serious illness, hospitalization and death, regardless of the level of antibody in the bloodstream,” says Chin Hong.

Is Moderna the currently preferred vaccine?

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