Inverter Guide 2021: Here’s What You Must Know Before Making A Purchase

Inverters are meant to convert direct current (DC) from batteries, solar panels and other DC sources into alternating current (AC) suitable for powering a host of appliances, including lights, fans, TV sets etc. The inverter is a very important device if you have installed an off-grid system at your home or business and want to keep the lights on even during power failures.

Inverter prices vary a lot depending on the manufacturer as well as other factors such as the model (or topology), input/output voltage regulation, number of MPP trackers, number of strings etc. The prices quoted by retailers are also quite different so it’s important to consider all these things before deciding on a specific model.

If you simply check the price tag, you might end up buying something that doesn’t suit your requirements or need. Even if they match each other, there’s no guarantee that they will offer the best value for money. Here are the most important factors you need to check while making this decision.

Inverter Guide 2021: Here's What You Must Know Before Making A Purchase

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  • Understanding Your Requirements Is Crucial

The first thing to do while shopping for an inverter is to understand your requirements. This may sound obvious but it’s surprising how many people jump into this process without even knowing what exactly they’re looking for. A prospective inverter buyer must decide beforehand to avoid hassles in the future.

  • Comparing Available Options Once You Know Your Requirements

The next step is to compare the available options on the market and make a list of prospects. In this process, factors like price, efficiency and input/output voltage regulation are important. A prospective Buyer should always look into these factors while buying an inverter.

  • Do Your Research On The Best Inverter Options

It’s time to research prospects and narrow down your list by comparing them with each other. It is a very important part of the inverter buying process. Generally,higher price entails advanced specifications and is made using better quality materials.

So, depending on your affordability, you can shortlist options. In addition, you must ensure that your chosen inverter matches your requirements.

  • Choosing The Ideal Inverter Size Helps

The ideal inverter size depends on the following two factors The solar power system being used and the appliances that are in use at a given time. This can be calculated, but you’ll need to provide your rough estimation regarding how much energy (in watts) is required whenever multiple appliances are being used and how serious of a load they’re putting on the battery bank as well.

For this purpose, most people rely on rough estimations that take into account things like fridge usage or air conditioning load.

  • Get Your Inverters Installed by Professionals

If you’re looking for commercial inverters, there’s nothing like getting these installed by professionals!

This is an essential step when considering the safety and durability of your off-grid solar system. It can be a complicated process and may require specific training as well so it’s better to leave it to an expert who has been doing this for years.

  • Explore Your Options FromA Reputable Dealer

Choosing a reliable retailer to buy inverters is an important consideration too because this can end up saving you an awful lot of trouble when it comes to warranty and repair issues later on. For example, if you’re buying inverters online, using a trustworthy site with good after-sales service will ensure that these can be replaced easily when they come with manufacturing defects.

Inverters are an important appliance to deal with power outages. However, it is important to buy an inverter wisely. To do it is important to buy an inverter that is need specific. Other than this, you can also look into the cumulative watt-hour rating of all appliances that will be used together when buying an inverter. This is important because each appliance has a capacity, and adding together their capacities tells you how much power they’ll need to run simultaneously.

It is recommended that you approach a qualified professional, or a leading provider to understand your distinctive requirements and explore suitable solutions. This would ensure that you make an informed decision and enjoy quality products.

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