International Big Data Expo Opens in Southwestern China

This three-day event is co-sponsored by local governments and the country’s top economic planners, industry and information monitoring agencies. With support from Chinese The Department of Commerce, Expo features domestic, global, industrial and business outlook.

Under the theme of “incorporating digital intelligence and delivering new developments,” events include activities such as conferences, exhibitions, new product launches, and contests.

This year’s exposition is scheduled both online and offline, calling for the open cooperation and collaborative development of various stakeholders. The online exposition offers services such as online communication, online exhibitions, business negotiations, online forums, guest promotions, and offers a variety of exhibition features.

Guiyang The city and the new district of Ki’an are the core areas of national big data (GuizhouThe Integrated Pilot Zone has always been a pioneer in big data development, demonstrating breakthroughs in industrial growth. By the end of 2020, more than 5,000 big data companies and 117 giant industries had gathered here. 164.9 billion yuan (about US $ 25.8 billion), Which accounted for 38.2% of the region’s GDP, and more than half of the region’s real economy was characterized by big data elements.

The specific activities of the exposition are as follows.

Conference: Opening and Closing Ceremony, 7 High-End Dialogues and 13 Expert Forums.

Exhibits: Online and offline exhibitions of new technologies, new products, new schemes and new applications in the big data space. There is also a section on the role of big data in revitalizing rural areas.

New launch: Announcement of major science and technology achievement awards at the Expo, research on data element market methods and pathways, COVID-19 world prediction system, big data encyclopedic dictionary, etc.

Competition: 2nd Industrial APP Integrated Innovation Competition, 6th Guiyang Big data and network security elite showdown exercises.

Activities: A series of activities such as meetings and exchanges, temporary staffing, night talk, salon and dialogue, promotion and contract conclusion, strategic cooperation, and organized visits

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Caption: International Big Data Expo in Southwest China..

Source China International Big Data Industry Expo Organizing Committee

International Big Data Expo Opens in Southwestern China

Source link International Big Data Expo Opens in Southwestern China

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