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Paris (AP) — Survivors of the horrific journey to Auschwitz remembered how the youngest mourned. 99 out of 751 adults who are thirsty and hungry, out of breath, on board the 63rd fleet, which left Paris at 10 noon on December 17, 1943. The child was squeezed.

The 828 killed in the death camp solely on the load of the train included 3-year-old Francine Bauer, her sister Miriam, 9, brothers Antoine and Pierre, 6 and 10, and parents Odette and Andre. Was there.

Their French citizenship, all born in France, proved worthless under the French wartime Vichy administration, which cooperated with the extermination of French Nazi occupiers and their Jews.

So when Andre Bauer’s nephew Mayor of Paris recently caught up with the Twitter feed and saw in the French media claims that Adolf Hitler’s Vichy collaborators protected French Jews from the Holocaust. He rebelled. Worst in the eyes of Ariel Weil, the mayor of the city center of the French capital, the uncovered allegations came from a disguiser of the French president himself, a Jew. bottom.

That person is Eric Zemmour, a noisy television expert and writer who reiterated his belief in hate speech, against his anti-Islamic and anti-immigrant attacks early in the French presidential election. I am finding an enthusiastic audience. He is cramming the auditorium, paying spectators and filling the heads of his supporters, with a Trump-like vision of a leap from the small screen to the Presidential Elysee Palace when France voted in April.

Although not yet officially declared as a candidate, Zemmour has so far determined the course and duration of the campaign. Votes continue to grow, now consistently double-digit, and Trump-like tips to create a buzz — his recent video pointing to a sniper rifle journalist has gained millions of views. Masu — Zemmour is sucking in airtime from the declared candidates.

He also destabilizes migrants and the deadly danger they pose to France by hammering them, making it difficult for mainstream rivals to bring the campaign conversation back to the theme-the fight against climate change. , Reconstruction after a pandemic, etc.-They want to focus on.

Zemmour is acting as a presidential candidate, except for his name. Proponents are seeking funding and support from elected officials that candidates need to carry out. He showed the rifle at a security show by an exhibitor who said, “When you were president, Mr. Zemmour,” he said “yes.”

This is a terrifying scenario for French Jews who were appalled by the sugar coating of Zemmour in the Vichy administration, led by World War I hero Philippe Pétain. He was tried at the end of World War II, sentenced to death, and then commuted to life imprisonment.

Zemmour himself is a descendant of a Berber Jew from Algeria, and his proud family history deepened the wounds of the Jews who lost their Holocaust relatives.

“He’s doing something no one else can do, just because he’s Jewish, and that’s just disgusting,” Weil told The Associated Press in an interview. “History is complicated, but it’s very simple. Petan didn’t protect the French Jews.”

Frightened men, women and children on Fleet 63 inflated a shameful number of 74,182 Jews deported from France by the end of World War II. rice field. Most died in Auschwitz, Poland, under Nazi German occupation, killing more than 1.1 million people.

In February, a court in Paris dismissed Zemor for challenging crimes against humanity (which is illegal in France) in a 2019 television debate that Petan saved French Jews from the Holocaust.

The court said in its verdict that the deportation of foreign and French Jews was “conducted with the active participation of the Vichy administration, its officials, and its police.” Zemmour’s comments denied Petan’s role in extinction, the court added.

But when he acquitted Zemmour, he said he spoke in the heat of the moment. Also during the trial, Zemmour said that “some French Jews” he claimed to be true were saved (using the word “des” in French) and “French Jews”. Was saved (French “les”), the generality he said he denied.

But last month, Zemur adopted “Les” in another broadcast interview to reiterate Vichy, saying “Vichy said he protected French Jews and handed over foreign Jews.” ..

“It’s abominable because these poor people have died,” he added.

A lawyer who disagrees with his court acquittal will cite the interview as evidence when the appeal is heard in January.

Politically, the most threatened by Zemmour is the French far-right leader Marine Le Pen. After losing to winner Emmanuel Macron in the 2017 presidential election, she watered down some of her policy proposals in hopes of expanding her appeal. However, Zemmour seems to be shaving her base and poaching Le Pen voters who suspect she has softened. Some polls suggest that they are neck and neck. However, both are consistently chasing Macron. Macron is expected to stand again.

Both describe immigrants as a threat to French identity, but Zemmour uses the phrase Le Pen shuts his mouth and his critics place him on the far right. Zemmour is rare among politicians who openly distinguish skin color in countries that are officially considered colorblind and where public debate about race is sometimes frowned upon. At a recent rally in Versailles, he made the awakened culture feel “guilty” to “white, heterosexual, Catholic” men and proceeded with their “culture and civilization.” I explained it as a plan to abandon it.

In Vichy, Zemmour recently wants to draw a line below that topic. “I’m no longer discussing the historical points being discussed by historians,” he said in Versailles.

But for French Jews, the damage has already occurred. Some fear that he may have confused the work of Holocaust researchers to keep track of decades of horror.

“He denies what is obvious, but it cannot be denied,” said Eugenie Kaiett, 84, whose father was deported from Paris to Auschwitz and killed.

“What is his goal? To collect all the votes of Le Pen behind him.”

In France, TV critics like Trump rock the presidential election | WGN Radio 720

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