Imran Khan nominates Abdul Kaiyum Niazi as Pakistan’s next “prime minister”

Islamabad [Pakistan], August 4 (ANI): Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has nominated politician Abdul Kayum Niazi for occupying Kashmir (PoK) by Pakistan’s next “Prime Minister”.

In a tweet, Pakistan’s Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Fawad Chaudhry, announced on Wednesday that Imran Khan made a decision after extensive consultation and consideration of all proposals.

Azhar Mashwani, the prime minister of Punjab’s digital media hub, added that Niazi is a member of Abbaspur Poonch’s PoK legislative assembly in the border area.

“He is also PTI’s central co-secretary,” he said.

Niaji, who won a recent PoK poll from the LA-18 constituency, was initially not among the leading candidates for that position.

According to dawn, Imran Khan interviewed more than seven PoK Prime Minister candidates on Friday and Saturday.

The Prime Minister asked them various questions regarding their future strategies and views on environmental, tourism, national and international issues.

According to one source, Prime Minister Imran was dissatisfied with the fact that he had been contacted by various districts pressured to select a particular candidate.

Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-Eye Movement (PTI) has emerged as the largest political party in the PoK Legislative Assembly following the elections held in the region on July 25.

PTI secured a total of 32 seats (including reserved seats), PPP won 12 seats, and PML-N secured 7 seats.

PoK elections were hurt by fraud, violence and murder under the supervision of Pakistan’s military installation itself.

The aforementioned elections have also proved to be a money-grabbing event. Prior to July 25, PoK’s Sector Commander and Brigadier General Gilgit-Baltistan Naeem Malik were arrested for bribes from PTI candidates.

In the aftermath of the election, PoK protests took place. Thousands of demonstrators struck the streets of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) to protest Pakistani troops after a vote in the Pakistani-occupied Kashmir legislative assembly reported election operations.

Meanwhile, India protested Pakistani authorities, calling the elections in Kashmir under Pakistani occupation a beauty exercise to camouflage the illegal occupation.

India urged Pakistan to free up the territory it illegally occupies. (ANI)

Imran Khan nominates Abdul Kaiyum Niazi as Pakistan’s next “prime minister”

Source link Imran Khan nominates Abdul Kaiyum Niazi as Pakistan’s next “prime minister”

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