Improve retail customer insights with big e-commerce data

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August 11, 2021

Before the retail business goes Big data extraction in e-commerce requires understanding how big data works and how useful it is for your business. There are many benefits to traditional structured data fabrics, but it’s entirely up to the business to ensure that they enjoy (at least most of) these benefits.

First, we recommend that you develop a big data strategy. Simply put, it’s a specially curated plan to improve the way big data is acquired, controlled, stored, and analyzed. Treat it as a business asset and be prepared to be amazed at how easy it is to understand consumers!

Big e-commerce data is obtained through consumer reviews, store ratings, and seller ratings from giant e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Target, Google, and eBay.Web scraping if retailers use this data to create a better shopping experience for their customers The service will appear.

How are retailers using big data for consumer insights?

Before we dive into the details of using big data for consumer insights, let’s take a look at what information retailers need.

Consider a compilation of all reviews on,, and other marketplaces for a particular product. These reviews help retailers find the specifications that their target consumers want.

If “durability” and “strong” are the most common keywords, retailers may understand that their products must be of the highest quality in order to bring more business. ..

Basically, you can use these data threads to derive the following insights –

1. Consumer preferences and trends – Basically predict the type of product consumers are looking for.

2.2. It also helps you learn more about consumer attitudes towards your product, such as which features of your product are most important to retailers.

Therefore, web scraping is the process of extracting this data from a website to provide top-notch insights into consumer preferences.

We are confident that some retailers are now DIY this process. It’s neither impossible nor unheard of to do it yourself, but it still takes up a huge part of your time and effort.

Reasons to choose a data service

Just thinking about the huge amount of data coming from different sources can be a little overwhelming.So when it comes to that Web scraping, We do not recommend doing it yourself.

To support the above recommendations, we have compiled a list of why web scraping providers are the best bet.

Effectively create multiple web crawlers without coding.

Long-term process – – Collecting data, storing and analyzing data, searching and sharing data, transferring and visualizing information, maintaining privacy of information, and updating data sources are several steps to retrieving big data.

It’s a long and tiring process, and spending the time and effort it takes doesn’t always have proportional consequences. Web scraping providers create multiple web crawlers to provide ready-to-use data.

No time for new tricks – – Learning software and web crawling techniques may not be possible for you (or may be fruitful for your retailer), and therefore it is your best to give instructions to experts in this area. It will be a measure of. Don’t sweat it when you can get it.

Get data effectively without any manual work.

If the scraping agent is unavailable or quits abruptly, there is good reason to panic.But with web scraping Tools, you get rid of these worries. Avoid manual restrictions and mine big data with efficient web crawlers.

Update the latest information at a specific frequency.

Old data is non-essential data and it is difficult to find accurate and aggregated data. There are several professional websites waiting to provide you with the latest and most relevant data as often as you need to get the same.

The most cost-effective way to collect large amounts of data.

Save time and money by letting an expert take over. One-time or continuous data analysis, all types Web data extraction is possible You can customize it to your needs. When you’re done, make changes to boost your retail business.

How to use web scraping tool

Octoparse Is the perfect platform to find all the possible review information on most major online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and Target. It helps you capture huge amounts of data points and reach useful insights to boost your retail business.

To keep things simple, Octoparse allows you to decide how to do your own web scraping.

Use Octoparse pre-built crawlers directly –

Open any website (Amazon, Google Maps) in the built-in browser and drag the cursor over the page to start scraping the content. Let Octoparse handle the potential struggle.

Customize your own crawler with Octoparse –

Octoparse’s pre-built automatic crawlers with point-and-click interface allow you to scrape without coding. Simply browse through targeted, dynamic websites to gain unlimited insights into current trends.

Schedule web data extraction Achieve faster scraping speeds by using the Octoparse Cloud service. Octoparse uses anonymous IP rotation to prevent tracking and monitoring.

It’s rap.

Once upon a time, web scraping was a holistic concept.

But over the years, it has grown into a highly sought after and useful tool that plays an important role in boosting retail. Therefore, analyze the data, make the right decisions, and study success patterns. Then we are confident that you can achieve it.

Improve retail customer insights with big e-commerce data

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