Illinois State Capitol abolishes last abortion law on books

Springfield, Illinois (NEXSTAR) — House of Representatives, Illinois Vote for 62-51 Abolished late Wednesday night 1995 law Therefore, if a teenage girl under the age of 17 seeks an abortion, her doctor must notify her parents.

Rep. Anna Moeller (D-Elgin), the main sponsor of the proposal, described the parental notification law as “the last abortion law in a book in Illinois.” Congressman Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago), who sponsored the Reproductive Health Act in 2019, described the current notification law as a “gap hole” in the state’s “firewall to protect reproductive health.”

Democrats in Illinois have sought to comply with the recent abortion restrictions enacted in Texas. The law, which has been challenged by the US Supreme Court, prohibits abortion about six weeks after pregnancy, after the heartbeat is detected before most women know they are pregnant.

“Politicians against abortion across the country are trying to limit access to abortion by anyone,” Cassidy said in a floor debate. “They literally want to force us all to keep all pregnancies at maturity, regardless of the risks to our lives, no matter what is happening. Illinois is different. , It will not change. By closing the loophole in the firewall, we will finish today’s work. “

Democrats, who make up the majority in both the House and Senate, have barely voted enough to abolish the law and are now ready to send it to Governor JB Pritzker’s desk. He signaled to sign it.

Proponents of the bill said the current law would force more than 500 vulnerable pregnant teens out of dangerous homes and seek an exemption from the notification law through a court process. It came into force in 2013, stating that it is forcing them to endure “unfair and dangerous burdens.”

“This is not an easy and minor bureaucratic process,” Moeller said on the house floor. “This involves young women hiring their own lawyers and setting court dates. Finding a way to stand in front of a judge and go to court in a courtroom, which is generally a place of criminal activity. Explain why she is pregnant. Explain why she needs an abortion and why she can’t go to inform her parents about it. “

With the Republican Party Religious leaders expressed fierce opposition To abolish the law, current notification requirements claim to protect minors from abuse and trafficking.

Rep. Chris Boss (Lake Zurich) said by abolishing the notification law, “we take criminal organizations further by raping these children and boldly sexually assaulting and exploiting them. I will let you. “

Mueller called those warnings and others who liked them “misleading and hyperbolic.”

Congressman Averyborn (R-Morisonville) requires other state law to obtain parental consent for teenagers to get tattoos and piercings, go on excursions, and take Tylenol at school. Said that it has been.

“No one over there wants to talk about what you can do without contacting your parents,” Cassidy replied. “You can get pregnant, you can stay pregnant, you can give birth, you can have a caesarean section, you give up your child for adoption You can, all never call your parents. “

Bourne held back tears and said his parents “deserved to know if his daughter was thinking of having an abortion.”

“This law was enacted to prevent women from accessing plain and simple reproductive health care,” Moeller replied. “That’s it. But now it’s wrapped in this misleading exaggeration about parents. It’s fiction.”

If the Governor signs the abolition, it will come into effect on January 1, 2024.

Illinois State Capitol abolishes last abortion law on books

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