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Illinois residents are nearing the deadline for renewing their extended driver’s license, and their last chance to get a new REAL ID ID is still about 11 months away.

Secretary of State Jake Carter In late March, the driver’s license and ID card expiration date was extended for another two months until August 1. This extension does not apply to commercial driver’s licenses and CDL learner permits.

Pandemic also to US Department of Homeland Security Push back REAL ID The enforcement deadline is one year.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, DHS has postponed the REAL ID compliant ID requirement to May 3, 2023, 19 months after the previous October 1 deadline.

White praised federal agencies for extending the deadline, stating that the airport will continue to accept current state driver’s licenses and ID cards for the next two years.

Residents are required to visit the Illinois Secretary of State’s driver service facility and provide proof of identity, social security number, written signature, and two documents certifying residence.

The cost of a REAL ID card is the same as your driver’s license ($ 30) or state ID ($ 20).

  • Passports, US birth certificates, employment permits, or permanent resident cards are accepted as identification.
  • Residents must also provide proof of their Social Security number. A pay slip with a Social Security card, W-2, or Social Security number will be accepted.
  • Residents are required to provide at least two residence certificates, as residence documents are also required. They include utility bills, rental contracts, certificates / ownership, or bank statements.
  • Residents are required to provide proof of signature. A credit or debit card, a canceled check, or your current Illinois driver’s license or ID can be used to prove your signature.

After submitting these documents, the resident will receive a temporary paper ID at the facility (but note that TSA will not accept that paper ID) and mail the new ID within 15 business days. I will receive it at.

Illinois Secretary of State’s driver facilities throughout the Chicago region have experienced heavy walking traffic since the state began reopening, despite the expansion of online services.

The Secretary of State’s representative said, “The Secretary of State’s driver service facility is open for face-to-face transactions throughout most of the pandemic, but many residents visit the facility for fear of being infected with COVID-19. I chose not to do it. ” “As a result, we are experiencing a large number of customers at our facility, especially in the Chicago Metropolitan Area.”

Also the Secretary of State Warn scammers who ask for personal information Claim to be an official government agency.

According to the release, the scam is usually done via email or text message to the Illinois and claims to be the Secretary of State’s office using the website logo and masthead.

“I have no tolerance for scammers who prey on people in desperate times,” White said. “My office works with the Illinois Attorney General’s office to prevent Illinois citizens from being victims of these fraudulent plans.”

White warned recipients not to click links or provide information in text or email. He said the Secretary of State’s office would never request personal information, such as a Social Security number, by text or email.

“Delete the text or email,” White said. “Don’t click on them or provide personal information.”

Illinois Driver’s License Renewal Deadline Approach – NBC Chicago

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