Hulu’s “Pen 15” Releases Season 2 Anime Special-Deadline

Huluof Pen 15 Is decorating the outside of the line with a new animation special released on August 27th as part of the Season 2 Part 2 development.

Episode 208, entitled “Jacuzzi,” follows Anna (Anna Conkle) And Maya ()Maya Erskine) When they take a vacation to Florida with their family, they have new catastrophic anxieties. The girls try to ignore them, but the mysterious turn makes it impossible to forget their self-doubt.

“Jacuzzi” was picked up after the Part 1 Finale event aired on September 18th and features both live-action and animated elements. Vanity Fair.. They also reveal that this special was originally planned as a stand-alone 40-minute live-action special with prosthetic limbs that had to be modified for a pandemic.

“We were really excited about the prosthesis. Before COVID, we were on track. We were adapting to the prosthesis. We were made by what we look like. I had all these great digital photos. It killed me, I was very excited, “Conkle told the outlet. “When COVID happened, we made a choice. Should we wait and run this when things open, or should we take it out and animate it sooner? To do that , I had to be passionate about animating. It wasn’t like the ideal second fiddle. So we started digging creatively. “

Hulu hasn’t yet revealed when the remaining six episodes of Part 2 will be released.

Hulu’s “Pen 15” Releases Season 2 Anime Special-Deadline

Source link Hulu’s “Pen 15” Releases Season 2 Anime Special-Deadline

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