Huawei Starts Recruiting Students for Seeds for the Future Program

Brandon Mohammed, a top TT seed student for the future of 2020, received an award from Huawei TT CEO Jeff Jin. Photo courtesy of Huawei-

Huawei will soon begin recruiting for its sixth annual staging of the Seeds for the Future program, a social responsibility initiative of its leading global company.

UWI and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) students at the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) are invited by covid19 to apply for their second online program.

Non-STEM students with a keen interest in technology can also apply, with particular emphasis on ensuring that women’s participation is high.

Since 2016, Huawei, UWI and UTT have promoted ICT skills training and development through TT programs to help ICT students bridge the gap between the theory learned in the classroom and the practice in the industry. Has been working together to build a stronger ICT ecosystem. Therefore, acquire the skills needed for a new digital economy.

The program aims to develop local ICT resources, strengthen knowledge sharing and increase youth understanding and interest in the ICT sector.

Over the last five years, 50 students have participated in the Seeds for the Future program, 30 of whom have visited China and received two weeks of hands-on instruction on Chinese culture and the latest innovations at Huawei International Headquarters. ..

In 2020, 20 talented students will participate in the first edition of the virtual program, with more students participating and experts from around the world on the latest 5G, cloud and AI technologies, leadership, business and more. Provided an opportunity to interact with. To give just a few examples.

In addition, Huawei has so far provided direct employment to three of its outstanding Seeds for the Future graduates, promising to increase future training opportunities at the company through internships.

This year, another 20 local students will join an immersive, interactive 8-day online program with students from more than 500 universities around the world. Both live streams and pre-recorded courses are available on Huawei’s free online learning platform iLearning X.

This session will introduce students to cutting-edge technology, exclusive and thought-provoking sessions with world-leading industry leaders, the history of Huawei and its technological developments, and the exploration of Asian culture.

TT and Colombian students will realize their virtual encounters and dreams in the 2020 Seeds for the Future program. Photo courtesy of Huawei-

Participants will also be awarded an official program diploma, and top students will be awarded a special award.

In addition, this year’s students will participate in the newly launched Tech4Good project. The project invites participants to consider how technology can be used to address the country’s most pressing social and environmental issues.

“Today, ICT infrastructure and networks, as well as electricity and transportation, are critical to the prosperity and competitiveness of countries and industries,” said the company’s release. “For many years, Huawei has invested heavily in developing ICT professionals while leading the industry’s development with cutting-edge technology. Huawei, along with its partners, promotes communications technology and knowledge, and ICT talent. We are working to foster and improve access to education.

“The ICT industry is growing rapidly, and as a result, business models and customer needs are changing dramatically. As a result, the ICT industry is urgently numerous to meet the challenges posed by this transformation. Needs technical talent.

“But in many countries, there is a big gap between what is taught in the classroom and the skills needed in the real world, so professionals have the opportunity to learn and apply the latest technology in their area. Should be given. “

Huawei will host a virtual briefing for students to learn more about the program, after which students will have the opportunity to apply.

The Seeds for the Future program runs on TT from October 25th to November 1st.

For more information on the Seeds for the Future program, please visit:

Huawei Starts Recruiting Students for Seeds for the Future Program

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