How to turn off Google’s Android location tracking and why you need it

Location tracking allows for many useful features, but at the expense of user privacy. Are you a fan of this? Here’s how to disable it:

Android Smartphones have many apps and Google Service, this is the result of High-precision position trackingWhile locating tracking has its advantages, privacy-conscious users need to know how to turn it off if it has nothing to do with it.

People often take their smartphones with them wherever they go, and when locating tracking is turned on, it can be used for quite some convenience. This includes everything from the current weather, nearby restaurants, improved search results and more. It’s all about making Android feel more personalized to what someone is doing, but as in most cases, its convenience comes at the expense of reduced privacy. Will be done.

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Some users may not care, but for users who are not so excited about the idea, disable location tracking and Regain privacy. Per Google instructions, Open the settings app,[場所]Tap the shortcut. On that page[場所を使用]Tap the toggle next to to disable it. This will prevent the installed app from using the phone location for some reason. Keep this in mind when turning off the toggle, as doing so will ruin certain features of the user’s location-dependent features. Besides that, there are some settings that the user wants to disable.the same[位置情報]On the page[位置情報サービス]Tap. next,[Wi-Fiスキャン]When[Bluetoothスキャン]Tap and then tap the toggle next to each to disable it.By default, Android Nearby Wi-Fi network And Bluetooth devices “Improve location-based functionality and services.” On Android phones where these settings are not available?[位置情報]On the page[詳細設定],[Google位置情報の精度]Tap in the order of[位置情報の精度の向上]Tap the toggle next to to disable it.

Why it’s a good idea to turn off location tracking

Android phone location setting page

If disabling location tracking makes certain apps less convenient, what’s the point of turning it off? Every user feels different about privacy. Some people are willing to give up their place for better functionality, but the trade-off is not worth it to others. This is something you have to decide for yourself. That is, there is no right or wrong answer.

For some context on why location tracking makes certain people uneasy, this example Business insiderThis publication reported in May 2021 how far Google has been monitoring. Android users is. Google was reported to have deliberately made it harder to find location settings, making it less likely that people would disable location tracking.The report also claims it “Google continued to collect location data even when users turned off various location sharing settings.” The company also required some Android makers (such as LG) to hide their settings. “Because users like them.”

Not everyone participates in such an act. For them, it’s worth breaking some app features here and there if it means it’s more difficult for Google to track 24/7. This does not mean that we are doing anything malicious or malicious using the location data we collect. Simply, the way Google collects isn’t everyone’s satisfaction.

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Source: Google, Business insider

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How to turn off Google’s Android location tracking and why you need it

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