How to Send and Receive Faxes via Microsoft Windows?

It may seem hard to believe but one is not required an old-school fax machine to send or receive faxes. It can be done from a phone and a computer, as long as you have an internet connection and compatible software.

For phones, there are fax mobile apps and we already knew about them. But, how is it possible to send faxes from a computer and browser like Microsoft Windows? Well, this is the central theme of this post. If you have no idea about it and want to know everything in detail, pay attention to the post.

 Is It Possible to Send Or Receive Faxes from Microsoft Windows?

Yes, it’s very much possible. Microsoft Windows is one of the most famed OS for the computer. If you own a computer then 90% chances are that it must be featuring Windows. It’s a user-friendly interface with tons of features.

With an ultra-modern online fax solution, CocoFax, it’s possible to send or receive faxes from Windows.  The process is easy, quick, and doesn’t demand the end-user to be technical doyen. The basic understanding is more than enough.

 CocoFax – Making e-Faxing Effortless

CocoFax is an online faxing solution that one should use to enjoy the easiest possible way to send/receive faxes from Microsoft Windows. Developed with high-end technology and AI, this tool has revolutionized e-faxing at every front.

With facilities like no heavy set-up, forced login, and a free trial of 30-days, CocoFax has already won million hearts and has received praise from many leading online media houses such as TechCrunch, Mashable, and Forbes. They all have said good things about CocoFax and appreciated its initiative.

It has covered almost the whole world and allows end-users to send or receive domestic & international faxes without any hassles and hurdles.

How to Send and Receive Faxes via Microsoft Windows

Wondering what makes others sing in CocoFax’s praise? Have a look at its key features:

  • High-end security and compliance 

CocoFax is not an ordinary solution. It understands that one can use this tool to send business-critical information. So, there is no scope for errors. This is why it has met the HIPAA and PHIPA compliance and is backed with military-grade encryption. None of the end-users’ information is saved on the server.


To take its security to a whole new level, there is two-factor authentication added as well. So, there is no unwanted access to your faxes.

For web applications, this tool comes with an in-built Web Application Firewall that acts as a natural line of defense against online hassles like SQL injection attacks, forgery, and cross-site scripting. In short, there is no way any sort of online vulnerability can touch you or harm you.

  • Paperless faxing 

CocoFax is a 100% paperless option. There is no need to add or upload faxes in paper format. A scanned copy or photo of a fax document needs to be uploaded. It saves time, effort, and money.

  • Professional fax 

CocoFax doesn’t help you to send or receive faxes. It makes your faxes professional by all means. You can add customized signatures, brand logos, and any customized field in them.

  • Easy fax management 

From the CocoFax dashboard, managing faxes is a simple job. You’re allowed to set the access limit, decide you all will receive the faxes in a team, notify the team members when a specific fax is received, create searchable faxes, and manage the labels. You also received the notification of a failed fax delivery.

Blacklisting the faxes is also possible. In a nutshell, managing professional and personal faxes is no longer a tedious job with CocoFax as it offers a bunch of features and facilities.

  • Multiple format and integration supported 

CocoFax supports multiple file formats like PDF and JPG. So, you won’t have any issues attaching and uploading the documents. Various email platforms like Gmail and Outlook are integrated well with CocoFax so that the end-users can easily send or receive emails.

It can also fetch documents from cloud platforms like Google Drive and DropBox. So, it’s not necessary that the desired document should be on your device. No matter where it is, it will fetch it for you.

All these and many other features are offered with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How To Send Or Receive Faxes from Microsoft Windows?

For Windows users, it offers free in-built e-faxing software. After completing a few configuration steps, one is all set to enjoy effortless faxing from Windows. Almost all the leading Windows versions, including Windows 10, are supported by this software. Hence, there is nothing to worry about. Here are the simple steps to follow.

Step 1- Look for the option to Sign up on CocoFax website.

Step 2- Sign up and get the right kind of subscription. You will get 14-days trial in the beginning.

Step 3- Once payment is received, you’ll be granted a free fax number.

How to Send and Receive Faxes via Microsoft Windows

Step 4- Activate your account and go to the CocoFax dashboard. This is where you send or receive the faxes from Windows.

How to Send and Receive Faxes via Microsoft Windows

Step 5- Click on “New Fax” and compose the fax. Here, there are few details to be provided. “To Field” wherein the recipient fax number and details are added. In the Subject section, one has to provide the subject of the fax. It’s an optional part. The cover page is also optional. Attachment is the key part of e-faxing as it includes attaching the scan or photo of the document which you need to fax.

Step 6- Once the fax is completely composed, you are all set to send it. Just click on the “Send” button.

Receiving faxes is far effortless than this. All you need is a fax number, which you get after registration. All the received faxes will be displayed on the dashboard. There is no need to take a printout as these faxes are attachable documents. You can share them with others via email.  

Ending notes

Gone are the days for the hefty faxing machine. Because of the high-end tools like CocoFax, we are not sending domestic and international faxes over a single click. For Windows users, there is a dedicated and easy-to-use solution. Try it once as it won’t cost you a single penny and experience a whole new faxing possibility.

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