How to post voice tweets for iOS and Android devices

Twitter released a new feature called “Voice Tweet” in June last year that is compatible with iOS devices. Twitter users have the opportunity to send tweets using only their own voice recordings with a limit of 2 minutes and 20 seconds. You can send tweets like the text version and receive follow-up tweets in text. Here’s how to send voice tweets, what’s new, and how to use them all.

A guide on how to use voice tweets on Twitter

This new feature was only available to iOS users last June, but is now accessible to all users. Twitter also added this feature because the microblogging site had the opportunity to add voice recordings. You can add text tweets after voice tweets to improve the user experience. The company offered an auto-generated transcript option for voice tweets, making it faster and easier to share opinions on the platform. Disclaimer: You cannot send a voice reply to a Tweet, but use the feature only for the original Tweet.

  1. Access the Twitter app on your iPhone or compatible iOS device
  2. Click the feature-shaped tweet compose button in the lower right corner of the screen
  3. Press and hold the “wavelength” voice tweet icon on your keyboard to start recording tweets
  4. Finally, press end When recording a tweet.

Add a text version of the voice tweet as a follow-up. You also have the option to instantly generate captions for your voice tweets using Twitter’s auto-cation feature. Captions are available in English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, French, Indonesian, Korean, Italian, as well as the following languages:

In a statement, Twitter’s Head of Global Accessibility, Gurpreet Kaur, said, “We are rolling out automatic voice tweet captions on iOS as part of our ongoing efforts to make Twitter available to everyone.” It states.

Kaur further said that the new feature wasn’t perfect at first, as it’s the company’s new idea of ​​expanding and enhancing accessibility around the world. She added that she is looking forward to creating a truly comprehensive service for the people who write FirstPost.

How to post voice tweets for iOS and Android devices

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