How to Make a Resume in English

Even if you are not a native speaker, having your resume in English would come in handy. Some companies have English-speaking CEOs or they are interested in foreign pros to fulfil their team with highly skilled specialists. So, maybe, you are a pro like this? To get a job you dreamt of, you need just a few efforts to be done. And the first step is writing your resume in English correctly.

What would you need to do this? There are several ways on how to get your resume in English.

Writing the Resume in English. What Structure to Use?

Despite today, there are fewer restrictions and rules for writing a resume, if you apply for a job at an English company, it is better to adhere to the classical structure of resume/CV. What it consists of?

In brief, the structure of your resume in English should follow that list. Besides, you can add to it some specific info. For example, if you apply for a freelance job, you can also mention projects you were involved in or you developed. For fashion and fine art professions, it could be necessary to list contests and expos you were participating in.

As for the design of the resume, it could be rather diverse. Even more. To attract attention, it should be diverse. And this is also not a big deal as you can use the website for an exclusive design of your resume.

Language Peculiarities of the Resume in English

Do not forget about the specific of English language not to make awkward mistakes in your resume.

Keep all these tips in mind and be sure that you’ll create the most outstanding resume in English ever.

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