How to fix zoom not starting on Windows 10 computer

Zoom is an application that most of us started using during a pandemic. Whether at work, in online class, or catching up with loved ones, this app has become an important part of our lifestyle. This app can be used as a browser, phone and even a desktop app. However, the app may not launch properly on your computer, and there are several ways to fix these issues.Provides a step-by-step tutorial to fix an issue where zoom does not start Windows 10 computer..

7 ways to fix zoom not starting

There are various ways to fix an application that is not working properly. Describes the most common methods used to fix Zoom not launching properly on Windows 10.

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1) Fixed the problem that zoom does not start after restarting

This is the first thing to do when your application isn’t working properly.Go to Start menu Click Power.. next, Reboot..

Fix zoom

After rebooting the system, check if Zoom starts. If that doesn’t work, try the following methods.

2) Forcibly terminate zooming

The app may not close properly and may run in the background. As a result, when I try to open the app it doesn’t work and I get an error. To verify that this is not the reason the Zoom app is not working, close the app from Task Manager.

step 1: Go to Start menu And type Task manager In the search Open..

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Fix zoom
Step 2: under process In the tab, look for the Zoom app select It.

Step-3: After selecting the app, click End the task It’s at the bottom of the window.

Fixed an issue where zoom did not start
Step-4: Wait a moment for the system to close all Zoom processes and restart the computer.

Visit the app again and see if it launches.

3) Authority

Apps like Zoom Related permissions.. Basically, these permissions include access to the camera and microphone. To run the app, you need to grant access related to the app.

step 1: Go to Start menu Select Setting.. (Shortcut key: Win + I).

Step 2: select privacy..

Privacy settings
Step-3: You will see various options on the left side of the screen.Scroll down App permission, select camera..

App permission
Step-4: under Allow the app access to the camera, Toggle switch on..

Camera app permissions
Step-5: Scroll down to see the toggle switch below Allow desktop apps access to the camera Can be switched on..

Camera permission
[Your apps now have camera access. Now you need to modify the settings for your microphone.]

Step-6: select microphone From below App permission It is on the left side of the screen.

Microphone settings
Step-7: Toggle toggle switch on under Allow the app access to the microphone..

Microphone app settings
Step-8: Scroll down, Allow desktop apps to use a microphone, Toggle on..

Fixed an issue where zoom did not start
4) Temporary cache

Windows collects your app’s cache, but over time these cache files can grow too large or get corrupted. This can interfere with the functionality of the app and you will need to uninstall the irrelevant cache files to fix it.

step 1: Go to Start menu And type Disk cleanup In the search Open..

Fix zoom
Step 2: If you have multiple drives C: drive From the OK.

C drive
Step-3: select Temporary internet files And temporary file From the list. [You can only see the  Temporary Files box checked in the image below]

Disk cleanup
Step-4: Please click Clean up system files Click the button and then click OK..

Fix zoom
Restart your computer and try starting Zoom now.

5) Driver update

Older drivers cannot also affect Zoom’s functionality. Make sure your camera driver is up to date.

step 1: Right click Start menu Select device Manager..

device Manager
[You can also access Device Manager by going to the Start Menu and typing Device Manager in the search bar. Click Open]
Step 2: Search for camera Click on it to expand the options.

device Manager
Step-3: Right-click on your camera and Driver update..

Fix zoom
After the driver is updated, try restarting Zoom.

6) To fix the problem that zoom does not start, close other apps

If other apps or browsers use cameras or microphones, consider closing them for zooming to work properly.

7) Reinstall the app

If none of the above methods work, you can always reinstall the application.

step 1: Go to Start menu Select Setting.. (Shortcut key: Win + I).
Step 2: select App..

App settings
Step-3: under Apps and features, A list of applications installed on your computer is displayed.Scroll to the bottom and click zoom..

Uninstall Zoom
Step-4: select Uninstall.. When you do this, you will be given another option to ask if you want to Uninstall again.

Fixed an issue where zoom did not start
Step-5: Download the app again from Zoom official website..

Hopefully, these methods will fix the Zoom not launching issue and allow you to continue your video conferencing as before.

How to fix zoom not starting on Windows 10 computer

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