How to enroll in a master’s program in the UK directly without a Pre-Master’s course

Companies that are engaged in studying abroad often offer the only way to enter a master’s degree in the UK, which consists exclusively in enrolling in the program through a Pre-Master’s preparatory course. Therefore, many students, graduates of foreign universities, have a false impression that a bachelor’s degree obtained abroad needs to be confirmed by an appropriate preparatory program. I decided to dispel little stereotypes and misconceptions, and show that you can enter a master’s degree in the UK immediately after the bachelor’s program outside the UK.

And so, you are completing a bachelor’s program at the University outside of the UK and are planning to enroll in a master’s program at a university in the UK. The most important question that you should be interested in is whether you can enroll in the program without prior preparation.

Our answer is yes, you can do it, but there are certain requirements that I recommend you to take into account. First of all, I want to say that the purpose of my advice is not to convince you to enroll directly, without a Pre-Masters program. I believe that pre-master’s degree programs are a very important and integral stage in studying at a foreign university, and if possible, I would still advise future students to complete at least six months of training. It is possible to enroll without the Pre-masters program, but it is much more challenging, so many students need to buy custom essay.

You can read about the importance of pre-master’s degree programs in this article. Now I want to focus your attention on enrolling in a university after completing a bachelor’s program abroad.


The bachelor’s qualification obtained at the foreign University is sufficient for admission to the master’s program. That is, you can enter a university in the UK without prior training, but it is important to consider the following requirements that you must meet.

* Academic level: you can enroll in a master’s degree program after graduating from a university abroad if your academic level or, in simple words, the average score is not lower than”4″. Of course, even with a lower score, you can get a place at a British university (depending on the rating), but it will be much harder for you to study since studying at a University in the UK is more difficult (based on the fact that you must perceive and reproduce the educational material in English) than at foreign universities.

* English Language Level: Your English language level must meet IELTS 7.0, at least. If the level of English does not meet the requirements of the university, you may be offered to take an additional language course that precedes studying at the master’s program.

* Work experience: Your work experience significantly increases the chances of admission to master’s programs. But this is rather not a mandatory requirement, but an additional one that affects the decision of the admissions committee.

* Results of passing standardized GRE or GMAT tests. These tests are not a requirement of all universities, but only some, in specialties related to business and finance.


Contact an educational consultant and find out which program is most suitable for you, and which universities you should consider for enrollment.

The educational consultant can help you decide on the program and the direction of training, as well as form an individual package of documents for you that you will need for enrollment.

What information does the consultant need to get?


Date of birth:

Education received

University Name:


Your requirements for a university or program in the UK:

When do you plan to start training:

Based on this information, the consultant will be able to choose 5 universities recommended for admission for you.

Can students apply to several universities?

World practice shows that students can apply for admission to several universities, at least 5. We also recommend that you choose from 2 to 5 universities, but no more.


To enroll in the Master’s program, you need to prepare the following documents:

  1. A copy of the first page of the foreign passport;
  2. The photo is in Jpeg format. 70% of the face (a photo for a visa is suitable);
  3. An extract of grades for the last 4 years of study or a copy of the credit book, which is certified by the dean’s office seal;
  4. Summary;
  5. Motivation letter;
  6. IELTS English Language Test;
  7. 2 letters of recommendation from university teachers;
  8. 1 letter of recommendation from the employer (if applicable);

Since admission to the university is carried out online, we require that all documents be provided to us in a scanned form in good quality, your documents will be translated, collected by the requirements of the university, and sent to the admissions committee.

A consultant who works with you on enrollment, monitor the work of the admissions committee, as well as the decision-making process. If the university needs additional documents, the consultant will inform you.

Additional things to consider before admission to universities in the UK


Please note that each of the UK universities requires payment of the registration fee. It is about 50-100 pounds sterling and is paid simultaneously with the submission of documents to the admission committee of the university.


The admission committee of the university considers the documents within 2-6 weeks from the moment of submitting the application package to the university. Working with a consultant can slightly speed up the waiting time for a decision since they work directly with the partner universities, with whom they are personally familiar. They know the distinctive requirements of each specific university.

Any decision is communicated by the university in writing. If the university has made a positive decision on enrollment, you will receive a CONDITIONAL LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE. After paying the deposit and signing many documents with which you undertake to accept a place on the program, the university will offer you an UNCONDITIONAL LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE, this letter will confirm your student status and you will be able to start the visa processing process.


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