How to Become Familiar with Desk Booking Software?

Ever since the pandemic, our workplaces have changed. The hybrid work model was introduced. 72% of employees in a survey revealed that they want a flexible workplace. 

But a hybrid workplace is recognized by its flexibility. Employees get to choose the day when they want to come in. And this can become a management nightmare. But with desk booking software, a solution can be found. 

Desk booking software helps employees book their preferred spaces when visiting the office. It supports flexible working and helps maximize productivity. 

A  desk booking solution  ensures easy management of desks. It comes with features like an interactive floor plan, advance booking, and occupancy with real-time analytics. A desk booking software is essential for proper space utilization in a hybrid workplace. 

But to make the adoption of the desk booking system easier? Here are two ways to provide easy accessibility to desk booking software.  

Help Your Employees Become Familiar with the Features 

If you want widespread acceptance of the desk hoteling software, you should choose software that comes with easy-to-use, interactive features. This can be further explained: 

  • Opt for a Cloud-Based Solution

A cloud-based desk booking software will allow your employees to find and book desks regardless of their location. They just need a stable internet connection. The desk utilization data gets updated on a cloud automatically. This means that you always stay updated with the number of booked desks and available space. 

Moreover, cloud-based desk booking software requires very little storage space to save data. This may help you save costs.

  • Choose Mobile-based apps 

To ensure that your employees can book desks easily, you need a solution that has a user-friendly mobile app. This removes all booking hassle. Your employees won’t need access to their laptops all the time. Navigation becomes easier. 

Also, most desk booking mobile apps come with features like QR codes and RF-ID scanning that allow them to access their booked desks without touching foreign surfaces. 

  • Promote Decentralization 

Many desk booking software is centralized. This means that after an employee submits a booking, a manager will have to approve of the same. The booking process can get delayed. It can also increase the decision-making burden on a manager. The employees may end up with a desk they didn’t want. 

Adopt  desk booking software  that allows employees to make bookings from the available desks directly. A manager can provide pre-decided desks to choose from. A decentralized desk booking software will make it familiar to the employees faster. 

Train Your Employees Effectively 

Managers should ensure that employees at all levels should know how to use the desk booking software. Once the tool has been implemented, managers should adopt any of the following methods for easy adoption. 

  • Inform them about the benefits 

Employees will utilize the potential of a desk booking software only when they realize its benefits. Be it the ability to book desks of choice or maintaining social distancing, desk booking software can be beneficial. 

Managers can schedule visits for employees and manage bookings using one app. 

  • Schedule Training Sessions

To ensure that all employees are on the same page, managers must conduct training sessions. From how to use the software to integration with existing apps, managers can give a thorough insight into the app. 

While live sessions are great, you can share tutorials for them to watch repeatedly in case they need it. You can share emails highlighting the features as well. Once the employees are familiar with the process, they will be more likely to adopt it. 

  • Set Realistic Rollout Plans 

Employees require time to get acquainted with the new software. Training sessions help them understand the basics of the software. However, a phased rollout plan will allow them to fully comprehend it. Their concerns can be addressed. You can take their feedback. This will ensure a better familiarity. 

When employees are familiar with desk booking software, implementation of  hybrid workplace  will become easier. Whether complying to social distancing protocols or saving office space, a desk booking software is beneficial. Managers can benefit from actionable utilization data. This will allow them to manage the office better. 

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