Housemarque says it refused to join the PlayStation to “big players”

Returns Developer Housemarque Claims to decline the offer to participate from “big players” in the gaming industry Playstation studio.

This week, Finnish studios have shown that they will continue to build on the experience they have gained in their recent productions. PS5 Exclusive, after confirming that it was Acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment..

But speak in a new interview with a Finnish publication Yle, CEO Ilari Kuittinen insisted: Sony That wasn’t the only takeover offer the company received.

When asked who approached Hausmark, an executive said: I have to say that the fact that there was a very special spring and was competing even felt a little surreal. “

He added: Their starting point wasn’t to start making games according to Sony-defined formulas. “

Housemarque says it refused to join the PlayStation to

Released for PS5 in April, the third-person sci-fi shooter Returnal is the largest and most ever Finnish studio focused on 2D arcade-style shooters such as Super Stardust HD and Resogun for decades. An ambitious project.

Speak in another interview with GQ This week, Kittinen suggested that Housemarque would be allowed by joining Sony. To continue to create a bigger gaming experience Like a return.

“Well, at least at first, I think we’re looking into what we’ve done and building on it,” he said when asked if he would return to the reputed 2D arcade game. I did.

“Returns are certainly a stepping stone for us,” he added. “When thinking about future titles, they will probably be bigger and more ambitious.”

In a statement this week, PlayStation Studios boss Herman Hulst said:

“Housemarque’s recent Returnal release proves that the studio has an incredible vision and can create memorable new games that resonate with the community. This addition adds to the creativity of PlayStation Studios. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future of Housemarque will look like when it’s strengthened. “

VGC Returns reviewCritic Chris Scallion said the game’s “continuous action and clever semi-procedural structure make it a fascinating adventure, not to mention a visually stunning one.