Hot Topic from Titans Coach Mike Vrabel’s Sunday Presser

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Nashville- Titans head coach Mike Vrabel held a press conference via Zoom on Sunday the day after the team defeated the Buccaneers 34-3 in pre-season match No. 2.

Following the Titans is the final pre-season match against the Chicago Bears at Nissan Stadium on Saturday night.

Let’s take a look at some of the hot topics discussed in today’s presser:

Vrabel test positive for COVID-19

Vrebel’s press conference was originally planned to be held directly at St. Thomas Sports Park, but this morning it was moved to a video conference.

At the beginning of the call, Vrabel revealed the reason: he was tested positive for COVID-19.

Vrabel said he woke up with a sore throat and a slight earache this morning, so he went to the facility for an examination and stayed in the car until the results came out. Was also positive.

“For now, I’m in quarantine and I’m following the protocol and trying to do my best to help the football team while I’m at home,” Vlabel said. “I am very confident in our football team, coach staff and our organization. We will handle it in any situation.”

Vaccinated Vrabel will need two negative tests within 48 hours to return to the facility. If not, you will need to stay away from the facility for 10 days. For now, Vrabel said, “I don’t think anyone tested this morning (others) tested positive.”

Vlabel said he had great confidence when asked by special team coordinator Craig Aukerman who would do things in his absence. He said he would attend the Zoom Team meeting.

“We understand this, but the health of everyone involved is paramount,” said Vrabel. “Now I’m going to do a lot of those things-we won’t go to the practice area until tomorrow.”

Vlabel revealed that he wanted to focus on his football team instead of him, as he remained isolated and away from his players and fellow coaches.

He was asked that it would be like being away.

“I’m going to get the boat and put it on the (lake) amulet of the lake so that I can just float and scream,” Vlabel said with a smile. “But I’m sure the player I sent the text couldn’t tell them on the zoom unfortunately, but I wanted to let them know before I came here. They had a few days I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Leave me.

“I miss it, but that football team is part of my family, part of my life, part of my heart, so I will miss them, and I can communicate with them Zoom. And have “Stretch” (soccer development coordinator John Strycher) take the iPad to every room so that I can check in every room. increase. “

More starters?

The Titans rested most of the starters in the first two pre-season games.

Vrabel said this week he wanted some of the offensive starters to participate in the game action, but plans haven’t been established yet.

“I think there are some benefits to going out and doing pre-match routines and getting ready for the match, either five or fifteen,” Vrebel said. “I think it has some benefits just to prepare you mentally.”

Vlabel said the team will practice at noon this week and return to their normal season schedule.

Molden Shine

It was a spectacular debut for Elijah Molden, a newcomer cornerback from the Titans, on Saturday night.

Morden lost with 8 tackles, 1 sack and 2 tackles, and was credited with 1 pass defense and 1 forced fumble. He also stopped in the fourth and first play and was involved in several blitzkrieg.

According to Wrebel, Morden looked natural to Blitzer.

“I think it was just a case where a young player got out there and got into the flow of the game,” Vrebel said of Morden. “Really, the more he played, the better he got.”

Ficken Impressive

Having a perfect night with the Buccaneers, Titans kicker Sam Ficken scored 3 to 3 in the game’s field goals, 6 to 6 in the game’s PAT, and 48 to 53 in practice.

He was 16 out of 18 in a joint practice with the Buccaneers, hitting a 48-yard kick and a 58-yard kick on Saturday night, with plenty of room for the last one. The 58-yard player was the longest at any level in Ficken’s career.

Vrebel said he was impressed with Ficken’s legs and self-confidence.

“I can’t say Sam did anything to hurt himself,” Vrabel said of Ficken alleged by the Titans after being abandoned by Jets earlier this month. “I think his legs have become even stronger since he came here.”

Fitzpatrick’s history?

Rookie receiver Dez Fitzpatrick had a hard time at the camp.

Last week, Vrabel showed that the team needed to see more from him.

Against the Buccaneers, Fitzpatrick showed signs of life on Saturday night when he caught two 30-yard passes, including a 23-yard touchdown thrown by quarterback Logan Woodside.

“We’re just asking the guys for improvement, and in certain cases in Dez, we need a little more progress and improvement,” Vrebel said. “But I think last night was a step in the right direction.”

Vrabel said Fitzpatrick was more physical as a blocker later in the game. “And obviously, the touchdown pass that Logan was able to reach him was also good.”

What happened to Julio?

Receiver Julio Jones has not participated in the team’s first two pre-season games.

However, Jones traveled to Tampa with his team and trained with his teammates before the match. He wore a Titans uniform for the first time.

When Jones was asked if he would practice this week, Vlabel replied, “In general, I don’t know if he’s there this week.”

Hot Topic from Titans Coach Mike Vrabel’s Sunday Presser

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