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File – In this June 4, 2015 file photo, people attend Candlelight Vigil in Victoria Park, Hong Kong. A group that organized annual vigilance to commemorate the victims of the Chinese military’s suppression of the 1989 opposition to democratization in Tiananmen Square, the Hong Kong Alliance to support China’s patriotic democratic movement, September 2021 It was resolved to dissolve on Saturday, 25th of March. Continued crackdown on independent political activity in semi-autonomous Chinese cities. (AP Photo / Vincent Yu, file)

Hong Kong (AP) — The Hong Kong Group, which organized an annual rally in memory of the victims of the crushing Chinese troops in the 1989 Tiananmen Square anti-democratization movement, continued its independent political activities in semi-autonomous cities. A city that resolved to dissolve on Saturday during the crackdown.

Police last month informed the Hong Kong Alliance, which supports China’s movement for democratic socialism, that it was investigating working for foreign interests, but the group accused it.

The investigation was called abuse of power, but core members voted 41-4 at a meeting on Saturday, resting the 32-year-old group. Tens of thousands of people were present at the annual alert until the authorities banned it in 2020 because of anti-pandemic measures.

A government investigation was conducted between a major anti-democratization movement in 2019 and strict restrictions on Hong Kong civil society following the enforcement of a drastic national security law by China’s ruling Communist Party last year. The law effectively criminalized opponents and severely restricted freedom of speech, but other measures significantly reduced public participation in the city’s election process.

Laws that ban destruction, segregation, terrorism, and foreign collusion and interfere with city administration have forced some civil society to dissolve or break ties with the government. More than 100 democratic activists, including leaders of the Hong Kong Alliance, have been arrested under the law, and other opposition forces have sought asylum abroad or threatened silence.

In August, the prominent Hong Kong Civil Human Rights Front, which consisted of a large number of member organizations, said it was no longer operational and chose to dissolve. The group helped organize a large-scale protest in 2019, but it became more and more violent as most young demonstrators fought the police.

Annual vigilance honored those who died on June 4, 1989, when Chinese troops violently suppressed a large anti-democratic movement at Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

The topic has long been taboo in mainland China, and Hong Kong was the only place in the country allowed to hold such a memorial. Despite the police ban, a small crowd gathered this year and 2020.

Police requested the alliance to hand over information about groups that cooperated abroad or in Taiwan (the democracy of the autonomous islands that China claims to be a dominion) and contact information. They did not mention which particular case prompted the investigation.

Critics say the National Security Act limits the freedom promised to last for 50 years after Hong Kong was returned from the colonial Britain to China in 1997.

Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific Regional Director Yamini Mishra said in an email statement that the alliance’s “virtually forced dissolution” made all references to Chinese authorities cracking down on Hong Kong as well as the mainland. He said it indicates that he is trying to censor.

“After the recent demise of groups organizing some of Hong Kong’s largest unions and some of the city’s largest protests, the Hong Kong government is targeting civil society groups with broad support and mobilization capabilities. Obvious, “Mishra said. “Worry, government crackdowns on such organizations are likely to continue.”

Hong Kong June 4th Alert Organizer Disbands in Crack | WGN Radio 720

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