“Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” Review: Bloody Sequel Off Target

Full Disclosure: With the violent slapstick humor of “Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard,” I laughed out loud three times, and in some cases four times. This is a medium-sized, very loud sequel that is also exaggerated and pretty scary. Action / comedy hit From 2017. The Star Power Trio of Samuel L. Jackson, Selma Haiek, and Ryan Reynolds have some interesting exchanges and some physical chic routines, so they seem to be studded with modern Monty Python playbooks. It’s a day-action movie — but this bloody, explosive, live-action cartoon has far more misfires than a direct comedy / dramatic hit.

Jackson returns as Darius Kincaid, a notorious hitman with the killings of hundreds, and Reynolds is Michael Bryce, a former elite bodyguard trying to reach out to his sensitive side. Even if Bryce saves Kincaid’s life for the first time, Kincaid cannot be in the same room as Bryce, let alone in the same country. But when Kincaid is kidnapped and about to be executed by really bad guys, Kincaid finds his wife Sonia (Hayek) Bryce and it is he who can help her save her loved one. Just say.

One big problem: Bryce has just “graduated” from treatment and has become sabbatical from the use of guns and the onset of all sorts of violence. Bryce continues to leave soul-exposing voicemails on the phone for his future self, as he categorically refuses to take weapons, even when bullets fly around and his life is at stake. , This is one of the classic gag of “Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard”. .. Reynolds is an established master of self-deprecating and witty humor, and Bryce is a bunch of open vulnerabilities, so here we take it to the next level. Drop a bomb like this (unusual for Samuel L. Jackson’s character!) And instruct Bryce to take a person on the mission.

Oh yeah, I have a mission.

There is political turmoil and turmoil in Europe, and a recent ruling infuriated the Greek mob Kingpin / Grandiose delusionist Aristolpapadoporus (a terrible misunderstanding of Antonio Banderas and humming to a disastrous effect). Masterminded a very complex plan to blow up the grid and virtually destroy the entire European continent. Because this is what the mob Kingpin / Grandiose delusions do in such a tired ass action movie.

Frank Grillo is my favorite on-screen tough guy, but as he wanders from a movie completely different from Bobby O’Neill, an Interpol agent who hates being stationed in Europe and just wants to go back to Boston. I can see. Contrary to Bobby’s better judgment-he always calls Bryce and Kincaid “idiots”-he seeks their help to defeat Aristotle. They unmask and buy an obligatory Magic Computer Singy device that holds all the keys. Instead, Bobby doesn’t get rid of them because of the various miscellaneous crimes they committed. something like that.

Director Patrick Hughes (credits include The Expendables 3 and the original Hitman’s Bodyguard) is an elaborate and violent shootout performed for a comedy effect as much as an action thrill. And I like the tracking sequence very much. There is a callback to the gag from the original movie involving the nuns. Bryce wasn’t aware of the turmoil behind him at some point and the intolerable pop song “The Sign” of Ace of Base, but the problem is that those jokes weren’t all in the first place. Morgan Freeman has a strange and extended cameo as a legend in a particular field. This is a dark and funny revelation about Bryce’s childhood, but it leads to some strange things.

On the other hand, a world-class scammer who seems to be able to carry out elaborate and sophisticated plans, but with a bat bleep crazy that her temper often endangers the lives of everyone around her. One Sonia is anxious to be a mother. She will definitely be one of the worst mothers in her mother’s history. (In another ongoing bit, Bryce is crouching like a teenage stepchild while Kincaid is literally six feet away. Hahaha.) Sonia tells Bryce, who is clearly having mom’s problems. I am interested in my mother. For example, one moment Sonia hugged Bryce like a baby, and the next, she gave him lithium and said it was a painkiller. As Croatia doubles as Italy, there are certainly some gorgeous places in the Hitman’s Wife Bodyguard, and the stars are doing their best to sell the material as a bloody and fun time. ..

“Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” Review: Bloody Sequel Off Target

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