Hillside residents fighting for more to do about speeding

Hillside, Illinois — A hillside village neighbor is calling on the mayor to do something after a house is about to be attacked by a speed-violating driver in early April.

Neighbors have been fighting for the past two years, but interestingly, it wasn’t the board on Monday night that was the most vocal on this issue.

On Forest Avenue between Butterfield Road and Clayton — neighbors were on the lookout.

“Our family and all our children are at risk and the mayor is doing nothing about it,” said Roger Romanelli, who was not attending the meeting. “There are cars that drive at 50 mph and 60 mph. There are no sidewalks.”

The video shared with WGN News shows that the driver regularly passes the stop sign. Even two at a time.

A few weeks ago, a car rushed to the yard of a home day care center.

“Do something about this before someone is killed, these speeders,” said day care provider Alice Dixson Zorikofer.

At the village board meeting on Monday night, the mayor said last month police officers clocked 170 hours on North Forest Avenue and stopped 75 people. They had one speed ticket and gave 44 people for a stop sign violation.

“Listen, we take this very seriously,” said Mayor Joseph Tambrino. “The only thing we can do to slow people down is speed humps, and they don’t want speed humps.”

Neighbors said they wanted to install a digital anti-speed monitor to send information to the police in real time. They also want to flash a stop sign at night and install a security camera on the pole.

But the village said they simply didn’t see enough people speeding up. Also, unlike Chicago, you can’t issue a ticket to a resident just because you’re caught by a camera.

The mayor said residents could inform police of the license plates of speed-violating criminals and authorities would tell them to slow down.

Hillside residents fighting for more to do about speeding

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