Here’s what to expect when the Chicago theater reopens:Chicago news

Lyric Opera of Chicago (WTTW News)

Open or Not: This has been a question for the Chicago performing arts community for the past year and a half.

Chicago Theater Federation, A group representing some of Chicago’s most famous groups, recently announced a growing coalition of more than 70 performing arts venues in the Chicago region. A vaccination certificate and mask are required to enter the facility. At some venues, admission with a negative COVID-19 test result is permitted.

Lyric Opera of Chicago This is one of the places where proof of vaccination is required.

Anthony Freud, general director of Lyric, said extensive discussions took place within the coalition prior to the announcement.

“Given the size of the opera house (more than 3,200 seats) and the layout where social distance isn’t really possible, there will be some congestion,” Freud said. “We felt it was very important to be very clear and sure to test the evidence of vaccination.”

Lyric Opera asks people to wear masks while in the opera house.

We also follow these guidelines Steppenwolf Theater When Agijon Theater..

Agijon Theater (WTTW News)Agijon Theater (WTTW News)

Brooke Flanagan, executive director of Steppenwolf, said the performing arts industry “closed first and we closed last.” “We knew we needed a unified approach to keep our audience, artists and staff safe.”

Black Ensemble TheaterIt’s not part of a coalition led by the Chicago Theater Federation, but when it reopens in October, you’ll need a face mask, social distance, and non-contact tickets for patrons. However, no vaccination proof is required.

Darryl Brooks, Managing Director of the Black Ensemble, said: “We are not against vaccinations, etc. We are just taking the time to reopen, and in the hope that it will open at full capacity next spring or summer. It is also open to a very small audience of about 20% to 25% of capacity. “

Revival of production

There is a lot of excitement among artists and staff as the production is set to return to the local stage.

Marcella Munoz, Co-Artistic Director and Managing Director of the Agijon Theater, said: “Obviously, we’ve been trapped in our world for a year and a half trying to stay away, which was a pretty detrimental effect, especially for artists.”

Aguijón Theater is currently looking at what capacity limits will be in the fall.

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Here’s what to expect when the Chicago theater reopens:Chicago news

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