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Chicago has launched a new site that allows residents to schedule coronavirus vaccine reservations, but how can residents get the vaccine without going online?

Dr. Alison Alwadi, Commissioner of the Chicago Public Health Service, said at a press conference on Tuesday that there are various ways to allow residents without internet access to continue to be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to Arwady, the city’s main approach to non-digitally connected people is through healthcare providers, many of whom are in contact to let patients know when vaccines will be available. I will.

“This also helps ensure that our vaccine is delivered to Chicago residents, those who receive ongoing medical care in Chicago,” Arwady said. “And, as we saw in this data last week, it really helps to reach old Chicago citizens (vaccinated) who may often not be connected to the internet.”

She added that through Chicago Protect and other outreach programs, some workers visit door-to-door and offer residents the opportunity to book vaccinations in the city.

Chicago officials are also working with churches and community-based organizations to create vaccination POD sites for locals, Arwady said.

The city’s new online platform in partnership with Zocdoc shows the availability of bookings for “care organizations” such as AMITA Health, Erie Family Health, Innovative Express Care, and Rush University Medical Center, as well as the city’s POD site. ..

Officials said the new site aims to create a “central market to help Chicago citizens access vaccinations.”

“Our goal in Chicago is to vaccinate as many people as possible as soon as possible,” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said in a statement. “Vaccine availability is still very limited nationwide, but this exciting new partnership with Zocdoc is about fighting the disease and devoting itself to a steadfast historic recovery for individuals and families. Another step to empowering. “

Zocdoc Vaccine Scheduler is free and “designed to streamline vaccine schedules,” the city said in a statement. Chicago was the first city to implement this service.

The mechanism is as follows.

  • First, Chicago residents can visit
  • Upon arriving there, the user will be asked to verify their location and eligibility.
  • If eligible according to Illinois guidelines, Zocdoc will display nearby vaccination locations and their real-time availability.
  • Eligible patients can choose a date, time, place and book instantly online. If there are no plans, residents can sign up to be notified when new options come online.
  • We have embedded translation support for over 100 languages, including Spanish.
  • Note: As the vaccine continues to roll, authorities still urge residents to wait patiently... Schedules will be added as the city continues to receive doses...

The city said that “vaccine supply is currently very limited,” but said that appointments would be added “on an ongoing basis as more vaccines are assigned to providers.” Authorities also expect more local healthcare providers to join the scheduling partnership, including other hospital systems and federal-qualified health centers.

Arwady added that Chicago citizens are still encouraged to seek vaccine reservations first if they have a primary care provider and, if possible, through a local pharmacy or employer. ..

“Zocdoc offers a great service to help people access vaccines as supply increases over the coming weeks and months, and Chicago residents will see when new appointments become available. You can also sign up to be notified, “Arwady said in a statement. People have to wait patiently as the vaccine rolls continue, but we’re excited about this partnership as it offers another option for Chicago citizens to connect with their providers when they receive more vaccines. “

Click for a complete guide to vaccine information across Illinois Here..

Previously, Chicago citizens were encouraged to sign up for vaccine information through “”.ChiCOVID coachThe platform used by the Chicago Public Health Service to monitor symptoms provides information about tests in the city and includes notifications when you can register to get a vaccine in the city. Helps to provide the latest details of your vaccination plan.

However, as in other parts of Illinois, many residents are struggling to find access to reservations due to limited vaccine supplies and rising demand, Phase 1B. Opens doses to a much larger population.

Phase 1B will be “indispensable frontline workers” including first responders, educational workers such as teachers and support staff, nursery teachers, grocery employees, postal workers, etc. Provide vaccinations.

Anyone who qualifies for a vaccine in a phase is eligible to receive it, but Phase 1B in Chicago aims to prioritize a particular population, health officials said.

“So, from the beginning, we want people to hear that when the phase begins, most people can’t get vaccinated immediately, even in the first week, the second week, and so on,” Arwady said. I did. To get most people in Phase 1B vaccinated from February to March.

For those vaccinated in the city, Alwadi said it would help prioritize those at high risk and “lower the barriers.”

“The way this is widely deployed is that between February and March, anyone who is 65 years old or any of these front-line key workers is eligible for the vaccine,” Arwady said. I did. “For example, if I’m a grocery worker, a teacher, or working on public transport, for example, if I have an appointment with a doctor, the doctor will definitely vaccinate anytime after January. 25 But we also provide vaccines to employers and work with them to lower the barriers for these groups to obtain vaccines. “

Here’s how to sign up for a COVID vaccine without the internet – NBC Chicago

Source link Here’s how to sign up for a COVID vaccine without the internet – NBC Chicago

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