Heimana Reynolds talks about skateboarding – NBC7 San Diego

About the first episode of Olympic Dreams: From San Diego to Tokyo, Chat with High Mana Reynolds, headline of a new generation of Olympic athletes at stake in history.

Only 22 years old, Reynolds lives the dream of a professional skateboarder and is on his number one ranking for his first participation in the sport at the Summer Olympics.

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Hawaiian natives have moved to San Diego’s North County to live in the world’s skateboarding capital. He talks about his relationship with other celebrities in sports like Tony Hawk and Shaun White in Southern California.

One day an athlete rubs his shoulders with a sports elite, and the next day he hits a local skatepark with his neighbors.

But after all, Reynolds has one goal at the Tokyo Olympics (yes, he’s good at skating), but there’s something else!

update: Reynolds First ever team USA Olympic skateboard team June 21, 2021. Six of the dozen have deep ties to San Diego. They either grew up here or moved here (mostly in North County, from a man named Tony Hawk).

Listen / Subscribe to NBC7 Olympic Dreams: San Diego to Tokyo Podcast Wherever you enjoy podcasts. In each episode, NBC 7 News Today’s anchor Steven Luke sits with the athlete and sets one goal for each. It is to represent Team USA in Tokyo this summer. How do they realize their Olympic dreams?

Heimana Reynolds talks about skateboarding – NBC7 San Diego

Source link Heimana Reynolds talks about skateboarding – NBC7 San Diego

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