Havaianas teams up with All Out with new pride collection

Now that Pride Month is on track, it’s time to focus on a great job to support our prosperous and vibrant LGBTQIA + community. This is said, but all year round, we should celebrate strange love and the organizations that support it.

Since 1962, Havaianas has been a glorious symbol of Brazilian culture and heritage. Consistent with the message of being egalitarian and “for people” as much as possible, the brand ensures that its world-famous flip-flops are accessible to everyone. Regardless of social status or status, Havaianas products are made to be at the feet of all Brazilians, and now everyone in the world.

For Havaianas, known for adding color to the world with one pair of flip-flops at a time, it makes sense to celebrate all kinds of love colors, not just everything they represent. In June 2020, Havaianas launched a pride line. A symbol of equality and optimism, the collection showcased the brand’s first rainbow flip-flops that promote LGBTQIA + youth conversation, social inclusion and empowerment through charity initiatives.

The collection is sold all year round and 7% of the proceeds will be donated to NGOs fighting for LGBTQIA + rights and the global movement All Out. All Out mobilizes thousands of people to build a world where you don’t have to sacrifice family, freedom, security, or dignity for gender or sexual orientation. From petitions, press and social media action to street protests and large crowdfunding campaigns around the world, All Out has a comprehensive global mission. Thanks to last year’s sales, All Out has been able to take action to support the queer communities in countries such as Brazil, Poland, Venezuela, Mexico, Lebanon and Germany.

Emphasizing that the collection is more serious than a one-off marketing tactic, Havaianas will continue to donate the same amount of revenue to All Out to continue supporting and raising awareness of the LGBTQIA + community this year. .. This year, the collection has expanded to include five flip-flop models in a variety of colorways, glittering mini bags, keyrings and socks. “We are a democratic brand, and implementing a project like this reaffirms our proposal and spirit. Even if we know it is a small step, we are ourselves for the sake of society. “I’m happy to be able to play that role,” says Fernanda Romano, CMO of parent company Alpargatas. Of Havaianas.

Founded in 2010, All Out has been relentless in the fight to support the queer community, but there are no signs of a slowdown. We met Matt Beard, who has been Executive Director there for the past five years, to explore the initiative’s action plan and future goals.

“Some time ago, in queer space and our community, if we wanted to stand in international solidarity and turn it into action, there was no place for people to go, but we have to. You didn’t have to do that in a way that wouldn’t be. You’ll be a full-time activist. Therefore, the space for relatively low threshold participation and the space where people’s power can really be important It was the idea of ​​All Out, and that was the founding principle, “explains Beard.

All Out addresses the issues facing the LGBTQIA + community in three main ways: pressure campaigns, crowdfunding campaigns, and member campaigns. Beard has defeated three approaches: “First, we will campaign not only in the opportunity model but also in the crisis model, so if a member of the community is somehow hurt, threatened, or denied rights, we will work with our front-line partners to continue. We will shed light on that abuse that puts pressure on decision makers. The second is the cloud funding model. We are working on a program called Grassroots Giving, which will bring about about the world. Funding from a global support base of 1 million people .. These programs raise funds directly for front-line partners, evacuate from hostile environments, evacuate for LGBT + children Places, pay for legal support lines, etc. For communities affected by COVID. The third thing we do is to train young LGBT + activists, especially with digital skills, and also rights online. Is to be able to insist. “

People often endanger everything, sometimes even their lives, so we want to give them an agency they need and deserve in the work we do.


Like other NGOs, there are some hurdles to overcome, the most important of which are related to finance. “When it comes to sustainability, when you talk to the secretary general of a small organization, they say that financial support is at the top of the list. It feels like a continuous wheel. Another challenge is , We’re 17 people, but because we’re scattered all over the globe, all organization and strategy is done online. Finally, I think this will work, but definitely focus on it. People often endanger everything, sometimes even their lives, so they want to give them an agency they need and deserve in the work we do. “We do,” says Beard.

With regard to the partnership between All Out and Havaianas, there was an immediate crossover and synergy, as emphasizing and supporting the Brazilian queer community was a top priority for both parties. As many know, Brazil’s LGBTQIA + community is growing fast, but little or no because President Jail Bolsonaro is attacking the Supreme Court and endangering gay rights. Not receiving support. The majority of All Out’s team is Brazilian, and many of the successful campaigns are taking place in Brazil, with the latest being “Brazil: LGBTphobia is a crime, what is it now?” Last year.

Given the situation in Brazil, we need to deal with the homophobic and transphobic rises that exist in the country, as well as the inherent levels of violence and hate crimes that the community still faces. So, considering this typical elastic Brazilian brand like Havaianas, it makes perfect sense that they are involved.


“Internally we call it localization. It feels good to get a little closer to the ground and be more organic. It’s like a match in heaven when Havaianas said he wanted to work with us. They wanted an organization with Brazilian staff. They had experience in Portuguese and understood the Brazilian regional movement, but they also had a global perspective. With the corporate sector. We also benefit from the need to remain involved. The concept of social responsibility of this company is also important, specifically from the situation in Brazil, the homosexual hatred and transphobia that exist in this country. The rise, and the inherent level of violence and hate crimes that the community still faces, must be addressed. Therefore, given this typical resilience, Brazilian brands like Havaianas, they are involved. It makes perfect sense to do that. “

All Out recently launched a project in which trained and certified psychologists in Brazil provide time and volunteers to conduct a series of one-on-one therapy sessions for individuals in the queer community who really need it. I launched it. Beard explains: “Currently, far more than 1,000 individuals can be associated with trained psychologists across the country, and the testimony received from those who benefited from it was truly humble. It really has a huge impact on people’s lives. Gave. Say it even saved their lives. “Beard tells us how he was in the capital on the first day of the Bolsonaro administration. “We went to Brasilia and made huge predictions to say to the Brazilian Parliament and other government buildings,” We are LGBT + and will resist. ” We wanted to give people the feeling, “Yes, that’s scary, this is self-proclaimed.” Homophobia has become the president of this country, but there is resistance, there is a community, there are others around you who can go against those policies with you. “

The metaphor I always use is that we are one element for baking the perfect cake of human rights change for LGBT + people. We empower these people to change through storytelling.


Outside of Brazil, All Out has many other campaigns. For the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, they came up with the theme of “Resist, Support and Heal” and launched a global photography contest in collaboration with MTV. Of these three categories. “I was very impressed with what happened so far. Of course, there are many images of hope and solidarity as well as images of pain and loss.” The prize-winning works are the great pride of Times Square in New York and this year’s Copenhagen. It will be displayed on the screen. Beard briefly states: “The metaphor I always use is that we are one element for baking the perfect cake of human rights change for LGBT + people. We change to these people through storytelling. Put power in. The jargon of inaccessible activists in our movement is important. The goal is to tell the story of an individual human being, the pain, joy and love they have experienced. “

All Out has many things for the future, including extensions and a member-generation petitioning platform that enables a highly user-friendly web environment that anyone, regardless of organization or individual, around the world can start online. I have an exciting plan. Your own petition for LGBTQIA + rights. “We are actively researching and looking for funding for geographic expansion so that we can work in Asia. Asia has always been a bit vulnerable to us. We. Has put a lot of effort into working with partners. Africa and Latin America, Eastern Europe and Russia, but there is still a lot to do across Asia and I want to make a presence there. ” Beard explains. As organizations like AllOut are fighting for LGBTQIA + rights around the world, brands like Havaianas need to step up and show their support.

The pride collection is available at the following URL: And at the Havaianas store.

Havaianas teams up with All Out with new pride collection

Source link Havaianas teams up with All Out with new pride collection

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