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Vice President Kamala Harris smiles at Senator Tammy Duckworth, Illinois, on Thursday, October 14, at the end of the Virtual City Hall, where he discussed various care policies from home care to childcare, although there is no photo. increase. In 2021, at the South Court Auditorium at the White House Complex in Washington. (AP Photo / Jacklin Martin)

Washington (AP) —Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday visits Lake Mead, Nevada, and problems caused by the western drought as he insists on a deadlocked Biden administration’s infrastructure and climate change proposals in parliament. Emphasize.

According to White House officials, Harris will be briefed by Pioneer officials on the elevation levels of man-made reservoirs that supply drinking water to 25 million people in the western United States and Mexico.

After the tour, the Vice President will speak and meet with officials from other federal and state agencies, including the Interior Ministry and the South Nevada Water Authority. She will be joined by US lawmakers from Nevada, Dina Titus, Susie Lee, and Steven Horsford.

Lake Mead’s water level was created by the Colorado River dam in the 1930s and has fallen to record lows. In August, federal officials declared the first water shortage on the Colorado River. As a result, Arizona, Nevada, and Mexico will receive less water next year in the drought that hits most of the west.

In September, Reclamation released forecasts showing that river outlook would worsen.

Against this backdrop, the Vice President promotes the administration’s “better build” agenda (initially charged at $ 3.5 trillion), where Democrats are struggling to gain moderate support. Is expected.

The agenda includes climate regulations stating that the Biden administration will make the United States more resilient to the effects of climate change. Key factors include imposing new emission limits through federal clean energy requirements and providing tax cuts to the electric vehicle industry.

Harris will also emphasize that climate change is ready to make extreme weather events such as droughts and heat waves more frequent, costly and harmful, according to White House officials.

Officials said Harris had passed the Senate a few months ago to discuss another $ 1 trillion public works infrastructure deal awaiting House approval. The package contains approximately $ 8 billion for the Western Water Project.

Some of the ways the plan can counter the effects of drought include investing in desalination technologies that make seawater available, strengthening local water infrastructure, and building wastewater recycling technologies that help grow existing supplies. Will be.

The western states experienced dangerously hot summers, killing hundreds of people in the Pacific Northwest and causing dozens of record-breaking wildfires intensified by the drought.

Officials also said Harris would discuss how water scarcity affects farmers, the country’s food supply and the economy.

The Biden administration states that its infrastructure spending plan will create millions of jobs in the restoration of water infrastructure, the restoration of basins and wetlands, and the improvement of water efficiency.

In the face of lack of support from some Democrats, President Joe Biden on Friday wants to shorten the duration of some programs in the vast social welfare and climate change package rather than striking the entire section. Stated.


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Harris discusses drought and climate change on Lake Mead | WGN Radio 720

Source link Harris discusses drought and climate change on Lake Mead | WGN Radio 720

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