Harm to Nigeria by Illegal Fisheries and Countermeasures

Like most West African countries, Nigeria’s coastal waters are home to a wide variety of fish species. Contribute to people’s food and economic safety..

Small fishery contributes 80% local fish used And support The lives of 24 million Nigerians. 73% Some of the people engaged in the Nigerian fishery are women.

Contributions to overall GDP from fisheries (small and industrial) 0.84% ​​in 2019, 1.09% in 2020..

Therefore, the fisheries sector is the path to Nigeria’s socio-economic development. But they also face threats.

One of them Environmental pollution, Mainly from the oil industry. Pollution deteriorates the marine environment, destroys fish stocks and reduces catches.

Another threat is illegal fishing. Previous research I found.Our present the study Continues to investigate how women, in particular, are affected by these threats and respond to them.

The first step is to understand the scale and complexity of illegal fishing and the crimes associated with it, and why it is happening.

Scale and cost

Recently, the Nigerian House of Representatives OK The country loses $ 70 million annually due to illegal fishing. This includes loss of license fees, taxable income, and possible value from legitimate fishing by local vessels.

Other sources overestimate the cost of illegal fishing in Nigeria. $ 600 million And $ 800 million Every year.

The variability of these numbers indicates that it is difficult to calculate the cost of covert activities. This is also the result of the Nigerian Federation of Fisheries’ budget neglect. This department does not have the ability to monitor, investigate and manage vessels operating in Nigeria.

Ships from China, European Union, And Belize It is famous for illegally using the waters of Nigeria.

Despite various estimates, all sources agree that the economic losses caused by illegal fishing in Nigeria are high. But the numbers alone can give a superficial picture of the true cost of illegal fishing. Illegal fishing does not occur on its own.

Fishery crime

Fishery crime is vast and diverse Category Illegal and criminal nature that supports or accompanies illegal fishing. Such crimes include corruption, customs fraud, human trafficking, drug trafficking and piracy.Illegal fisheries and fishery crimes are also a threat human rights..

our Previous research It turns out that illegal fishing is eroding people’s lives. The lack of government support to combat illegal fishing and protect livelihoods within the fishing community drives people into poverty even further.This makes them vulnerable to Crime network..

Fishermen may end Participate inAs a result, they are victims of fishing crimes.this is Proven Crime is increasing throughout the Nigerian coastal community through an increasing number of pirates and armed robbers.

Marine anxiety also has a gender aspect. Women in the West African fishery They face unique challenges and risks, including poor access to capital, intensifying competition for access to depleted fish stocks, and policy elimination.

Ignore and poor regulation

The government is ignoring this area, even though the fishing industry contributes significantly to the livelihoods of Nigerians. this is, Marginal budget allocation Sector receives annually.

The monitoring, management and surveillance departments of the Federation of Nigeria Fisheries Department are important in managing Nigeria’s fisheries.Is not yet Budget allocation It has been done in the last 15 years.

Due to the shortage of patrol vessels in the surveillance, control and surveillance departments, it is not possible to monitor the activity of vessels operating in Nigeria.Government in 2017 Announced plan I decided to buy a patrol boat, but I haven’t done so yet.

This sector has not received enough funds to function effectively. The Nigerian Fisheries Department operates within the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the country. 2% Of the national budget for 2019.

Existing fishery regulations are also inadequate. The Nigerian fishery 1992 Marine Fisheries ActThese regulations are outdated and inadequate to address the current scale and growing fishing crimes.

For example, in June 2020, the vessel Hai Lu Feng 11 was fined. <0x82> million<0xE2> million<0x82>3000000 (Less than $ 7,300) If you turn off the ship monitoring system during your stay Nigeria’s Exclusive Economic Zone..

Is Ship monitoring system It is designed to provide estimates of fishing activity in near real time. Turning off the system suggests that it intends to avoid detection by the authorities. But given that illegal fishing spends millions of dollars on the Nigerian economy each year, this fine is negligible.

Illegal fishery solution

To solve the problem of illegal fishing in Nigeria, we need to help the Federal Fisheries Department work effectively. It must be well funded as an institution imposed to ensure the sustainable development of the Nigerian fishery.

Current fisheries regulations also need to be updated to reflect current reality and the impact of fishery crime.

A holistic and collaborative approach is essential to address fishery crime. National Ocean Security Strategy is needed to guide and promote inter-ministerial and regional cooperation. The strategy should include establishing an information sharing platform.

The Nigerian Navy’s capture of pirates targeting Sea Route No. 11 Supported By Gulf of Guinea West Coast Fisheries CommissionThis was done through a regional online communication platform established under: West Africa Task Force..

This shows the importance of cooperation between fisheries agencies and other maritime law enforcement agencies to stop the wave of illegal fishing and other crimes at sea.

Author: Ifesinachi Okafor-Yarwood-Lecturer, University of St Andrews | Sayra van den Berg Bhagwandas-Postdoctoral Fellow, University of St Andrews

Harm to Nigeria by Illegal Fisheries and Countermeasures

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