Hancock County Women’s Soccer Players Featured This Season

Mountain Vernon’s Maddy Swingle (17) gets the ball in front of New Palestine’s Adi Jones (31) during the East Central Class 3A Girls Section Championship Game on Saturday, October 10, 2020. will do. (Rob Baker / Daily Reporter)

Hancock County — The official start of the high school girl soccer season is just over two weeks and the first practice is less than seven days, but it’s never too early.

Student athletes throughout Hancock County are working hard this summer, training with their respective club teams, gaining some exposure and focusing on their near future and beyond.

As the sun went down until the opening night on August 14, some questions were raised.

Will Vernon Marauders, the defending Class 3A Champion, regain the Hoosier Heritage Conference this season? Can the solid core of the returnees return the predators to the regional finals after finishing 16-3 overall and 6-1 at HHC in 2020?

Can the 3A New Palace Teen Dragons run again in the section finals after progressing to 10-7 overall and 5-2 in the HHC? Vernon?

What can you expect from 3A Greenfield-Central and senior prominent Kersima Claflin after moving to 7-9-1 and 4-3 at HHC last fall?

Time will eventually answer all these questions, but for now, some early prominences to see this season are out of order and will definitely challenge the honors of all counties and more.

Shay Shipley, Mountain Vernon

With the All-Fooger Heritage Conference and All-Hancock County selection in both 2020 and 2019, the next senior Shashipley will be second in the Marauders score last season with 17 out of 19 games and 6 multi-goal performances. I was ranked in. She was also second only to Senior Anna Niceger (West Kentucky), who graduated with nine assists. Midfielder / Forward was a multi-sport athlete (women’s basketball) with FC pride of the soccer club team from 2020 to 21. In her career, Shipley is a fierce competitor when asked to score 33 goals and cut the field in half or mark the top player of a particular opponent.

Mattie Isger, Mountain Vernon

Although 2020 was just a freshman, last season Matty Isgar was an imminent offensive threat to Class 3A section champion Yama. Vernon’s looter. In the 17 games he played, Isger finished third in the team with 14 goals. The midfielder / forward ended her first varsity season with seven assists and both All-HHC and All-County honors. She posted the season’s best four goals against HHC’s enemy Newcastle on September 3, 2020, and Isgar scored two of Marauder’s four goals in the 4-1 regional semifinals against Ronkari last October. I recorded it. Her goal of victory against Hamilton Southeastern on September 17, 2020 is to get a glimpse of what will happen to this new star, in addition to three multi-goal performances.

Maddy Swingle, Mountain Vernon

There’s not much you can’t do with the incoming senior Maddy Swingle. The mountain was outstanding. From 2020 to 21 the Vernon women’s basketball and tennis team Swingle won the Marauders women’s soccer team for the first time since 2015 in three divisional team titles. But the true passion of new Cincinnati employees is football. Oral commitment in June of this year. Last season, the predator Sweeper posted five goals, assisted in 18 games, and found one of her goals behind the net between the Gerin Catholic Mountains. Vernon’s slight 3-2 defeat in the regional finals. In her career, All-HHC and All-County winner Swingle has seven and 14 goals for 2019-20.

Anna Luke, New Palace Teen

As a sophomore last season, New Palaceteen Anna Luke scored 11 goals in 17 games to lead the Dragons, tying up a graduated senior Adiholter (playing 10 games). Her 11 assists are unmatched among New Palaceteen teammates and were correctly selected by both the All-HHC and All-County teams in 2020 by the end of the season. Her 11 goals surpassed 8 in the freshman season and her total assists increased from 9. 2019-20. Her trajectory is rising upwards and the dragon will need an attack if she wants to run again with a potential HHC team title or the first section crown in 3A. The final section of the program, the Championship, took place in 2018 at 2A.

Madipotter, New Palace Teen

Like her teammate Anna Luke, New Palace Teen Madi Potter was a game changer when she was in the field as a sophomore in 2020. Now, as the next junior, Potter will once again get a lot of attention for head coach Erin Clark’s Dragons. In 2019-20, the Dragons finished 9-6-2 in the first season at Clark’s alma mater and 10-7 in 2020-21. Potter was nominated for both the All-Hoosier Heritage Conference team and the All-Hancock County team as a sophomore and won the All-HHC honor in 2019-20 as well. Perhaps the choice of a third meeting is not out of the question.

Kersi McLaughlin, Greenfield-Central

As a prominent junior in 2020-21, Greenfield Central’s Kersima Claflin rarely had a shadowing defender nearby. With 22 goals and 8 assists, McLaughlin of the 2019 All Hancock County Player of the Year was deadly in open space, and when it wasn’t assigned to her, she created herself. In the off-season, she played in two Indy Premier Leagues from Noblesville, and this summer her club team won the State Cup in addition to the Mid-American League title. McLaughlin is committed to continuing his college career at Illinois State University with automatic selection of all Hooger Heritage Conferences and counties from 2020 to 21. Obvious playmaker McLaughlin, who scored 33 goals in 2019-20, is one of his favorites to challenge the conference and county honor again this fall, if not the distinction between another player of the year this year. Will be.

Hancock County Women’s Soccer Players Featured This Season

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