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London (AP) —Technical tools such as digital contact tracing apps and artificial intelligence developed by the European government to fight COVID-19 do not play a key role in solving pandemics and are widely accepted for such surveillance. A new report shows that it is threatening.

According to a report released Thursday by Algorithm Watch, a non-profit research group that tracks the impact of AI systems, the health monitoring technology deployed by many European countries after the coronavirus pandemic last year is transparent enough. Protective measures were often adopted without democratic debate.

Authorities have scrambled to develop new technologies or use existing technologies to combat the spread of the virus. They built a digital contact tracing app to track who was infected, and then people received COVID-19 shots to participate in trips, concerts, restaurants and other businesses. We have developed a vaccine passport to confirm. Some have used drones and devices to enforce social distance rules.

According to Berlin-based nonprofits, many of these systems use “automatic decision-making” technology, a set of technical problems that require technical solutions to address the complex social challenges posed by COVID-19. I reduced it to.

AlgorithmWatch acknowledged that technology has helped save some lives during a pandemic, including through the use of artificial intelligence to distribute vaccines efficiently.

However, the authors of the report said that the most worrisome trend was how the pandemic was used to “further establish and normalize the monitoring, monitoring, measurement, and prediction of more and more daily activities. Yes, and now essentially includes public and personal health objectives. “

This is even more of a problem given the group’s “bug, fake, data breach” in such tools and the increasing use of information from technologies that fight COVID around the world.

Some of the group’s recommendations use an “evidence-based” approach when deploying automated decision-making technology and articulate its use to avoid “massive opaque deployments” that are bad for democracy. There is something to limit to.

The report documented the false start and pitfalls associated with rushing out new untested technologies, primarily focusing on European countries.

Early in the first blockade of 2020, Belgian police planned to use drones to monitor social distance, but abandoned that idea after a backlash. Another example of “functional creep”, where technology is used for purposes other than originally intended, is the use of security cameras that were originally installed to combat serious crime and terrorism. It increased the risk of a “surveillance society,” the report said.

Contact tracking apps have become popular. Mostly based on technology jointly developed by Apple and Google, it uses Bluetooth signals to anonymously record smartphones that have been in close contact with a phone owned by a person who tested positive for long periods of time.

However, the capture was uneven. For example, there is evidence that the Cyprus government tracking app was “not widely adopted.”

The Dutch government’s Corona Check vaccination status app was plagued by glitches. Due to its decentralized and privacy-friendly design, if a user tests positive, the QR code cannot be revoked and they will continue to have access to where vaccination certification or negative test results are required. It was also possible to interact with the app to get fake test results, the report said.

The Estonian chatbot used on many public websites provided false information about COVID-19. In one case in October, vaccination against the virus was reported not available.

The Polish government has developed an algorithm to identify the entrepreneur’s place of residence to qualify for a pandemic financial support, but accuses it of not disclosing details of the algorithm that can be used to assess its effectiveness. it was done.

Group: Pandemic tech tools increase the risk of daily tracking | WGN Radio 720

Source link Group: Pandemic tech tools increase the risk of daily tracking | WGN Radio 720

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