Governor Pritzker signs criminal justice, police reform bill on Monday – NBC Chicago

Governor JB Pritzker will sign a criminal justice and police reform bill on Monday. This means the end of bail in Illinois and the introduction of a new “police accountability” protocol.

Pritzker will sign the bill at noon at the Gwendolyn Brooks Library at Chicago State University, according to a public schedule. He will be joined by lawmakers, law enforcement officers, and local supporters.

The House Building 3653, created by the Illinois Legislative Black Corcus, was passed at the General Assembly last month.

“I’ve long thought that the essential sign of good governance is the willingness to change the law that made the people of Illinois fail,” Pritzker said in a statement when the bill was sent to his desk. I said in. “This criminal justice package abolishes cash bail, modernizes case law, introduces certification and decertification systems for state-wide police officers, requires body cameras, and reforms crowd control. Provides an opportunity to shape the state into a lesson of true justice in the country Response, and expansion of law enforcement training standards. I prioritize the end of cash bail and the modernization of case law in my administration’s legislative priorities. We are proud of the matter and have long promised to support the Illinois State Law Black Caucus to pass criminal justice reform and police liability. Greater fairness in medicine, more in education. Systematic racial discrimination pulsing in all institutions of our country by pursuing high goals and deeper investment in economic opportunities for communities that have been left behind for too long. It will be truly eradicated. “

Some of the “significant changes,” according to Senator Elgie R. Sims, Jr., include crisis intervention and deescalation tactics, police accountability, law enforcement transparency, and the rights of detainees and prisoners. A new police training policy. Sponsored the bill.

“We are delighted that the Senate has passed this large-scale reform package, which will transform Illinois’ criminal justice, revitalize communities and become law enforcement experts,” Sims said in a statement. I believe this is the first step in helping. ” “This will increase the accountability and transparency of law enforcement agencies, modernize the bail and judgment system, and enhance the protection and humane treatment of those arrested and accused of crimes.”

Some of the changes are financial bail that allows the judge to release a person before the trial, unless the person is charged with a particular felony or the accused is at risk of injuring or fleeing another person. There is an abolition of.

Proponents of the bill argued that the state’s current bail system was disproportionately affecting low-income colored races awaiting trial.

“For too long, people in the state have spent time in prison just because they couldn’t afford bail,” said Senator Robert Peters of the Senate Black Presidium.

This passage was also praised by Cook County lawyer Kim Foxx and was called “a step in the right direction.”

“Abolishing bail ends the practice of detaining nonviolent criminals simply because they are poor, while preventing violent criminals from being released because they can afford bail. “She said in a statement.

However, some law enforcement officers opposed this measure.

“We think it causes problems,” said Ed Voichiki of the Illinois State Police Chiefs Association. “We understand the rationale, but we need more serious concern and more freedom to determine if someone is dangerous to society before the judge is released on bail. . “

This package includes a requirement for all police officers to wear a body camera by 2025, a ban on strangulation of all police officers, new guidelines for “deauthorization” of police officers, and suspension of licenses due to default payments. Changes such as termination are also included.

In a statement, Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul said, “Today, we will implement meaningful reforms to reach our destinations, increase professionalism, increase transparency and restore public confidence in law enforcement agencies. I’m proud of it. ” “I commend Illinois Legislative Black Corcus for its tireless efforts to comprehensively tackle Illinois criminal justice reform.”

John Rekowski of the Illinois State Bar Association called it a “bold reaction.”

However, Republican Rep. Tom Weber accused the passage of being “dangerous.”

“I think I was shocked, but it’s become Springfield’s standard. Wait until the last moment, then drop over 700 pages of bills on the floor and even prevent even basic-level public reviews “I will.” Weber said. statement. “Undoubtedly, this law is dangerous and reduces the security of all communities. Public security budgets are cut, unfunded orders are given to communities and police, police officers are punished and grounded. You may be personally liable for complaints that are not or cannot be verified, but perhaps the worst part is that many violent serious offenders will be free to walk before the trial. “

Governor Pritzker signs criminal justice, police reform bill on Monday – NBC Chicago

Source link Governor Pritzker signs criminal justice, police reform bill on Monday – NBC Chicago

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