Google faces new antitrust proceedings over Google Play Store fees

On Wednesday, a coalition of state prosecutors filed a new antitrust proceeding against Google alleging that search giants abused control of the Android app store. As reported by Bloomberg..

Proceedings filed by 36 states and Washington, DC in federal court in California challenge Google’s policy of forcing Google Play app developers to pay a 30% fee for sales made through the app. I’m chanting.Google Recently expanded Fees to cover more digital items purchased from the Play Store. In particular, it targets many well-known apps that were previously able to avoid taxes. Complete complaint, You can see here Or, at the bottom of this article, list the defendants as Google, Alphabet, and subsidiaries in Ireland and Asia.

“It’s strange that a group of state attorney generals chose to file a proceeding to attack a system that is more open and selective than others,” Google wrote. Blog post Responding to proceedings. “This complaint mimics a similarly non-beneficial proceeding filed by large-scale app developer Epic Games. The proceeding is the openness of Android by distributing the Fortnite app outside of Google Play. I am benefiting from. “

In August, Fortnite Developer Epic Games Sued Google for similar reasonsThe company’s practices have raised prices for online consumers, but the proceedings were largely overshadowed by Epic’s parallel proceedings against Apple and its App Store. Nevertheless, state AG proceedings can be stronger as they come from designated state-level regulators.

The proceedings are already facing three federal antitrust proceedings amid increasing federal pressure on Google. Judiciary proceedings in progress Condemn the company for monopoly practices in search advertising.

Android does not require Google Play as the sole source of phone software, so it has generally been considered less threatened by antitrust laws than Apple’s iOS. However, increasing pressure on Apple has questioned many aspects of the Play Store pricing structure.

At recent hearings, lawmakers and regulators have repeatedly questioned Apple’s and Google’s ability to let apps store mobile device defaults. Often extended to a specific app.. Recently, Google has joined Apple to reduce pricing for small developers to 15%. This is a widely seen move in response to rising public pressure.

Google didn’t immediately respond to the request for comment.

Updated to ET at 7:39 pm on July 7: Added links and embeds to full complaints.

Updated at 3:30 am EST on July 8: Added links to Google statements and blog posts.

Google faces new antitrust proceedings over Google Play Store fees

Source link Google faces new antitrust proceedings over Google Play Store fees

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