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Jio Platforms and Google, run by India’s wealthiest man (Mukesh Ambani), announced Thursday the Jio Phone Next, an affordable Android smartphone. This is because India’s top carriers and American giants are pushing further to expand their reach on the second largest scale in the world. Internet market.

Indian company, Secured $ 4.5 billion investment from Google JioPhone Next aims to help India’s approximately 300 million users of 2G networks upgrade their gadgets for faster access, said last year (from Facebook and others). ($ 15.5 billion), shared plans to work on low-cost smartphones. network.

Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani said the phone, powered by a “highly optimized Android-powered” mobile operating system, was first launched and finalized on September 10 prior to the festive season in India. It states that it will be available outside India. Industry at the annual meeting on Thursday.

Ambani claimed that JioPhone Next would be a “super affordable 4G smartphone,” but didn’t disclose the price or hardware specifications of the phone.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in the virtual look of Reliance AGM that the company has also entered into a 5G cloud partnership with Jio Platforms. “This will enable more than a billion Indians to connect to the faster and better internet, support their businesses with digital transformation, and enable Jio to build new services in areas such as health and education. This lays the foundation for the next stage of digitalization in India, “said Google Chief Executive Officer last year. Promises to invest $ 10 billion in India..

As part of its 5G cloud partnership, Google has acquired key Google Cloud customers in its reliance, according to Pichai.

“They will have access to Google’s AI and machine learning, e-commerce, and demand forecasting services. Leverage the reliability and performance of Google Cloud to scale up these businesses as needed. , We will be able to meet the demands of our customers, “he added.

Ambani will announce JioPhone Next at the Reliance’s annual meeting on Thursday. Image credit: Jio platform

JioPhone Next comes with a variety of features such as “Read Aloud” and “Translate Now” that work with any text on your phone screen, such as web pages, apps, messages, and even photos.

It also has a “fast, high-quality camera” that supports HDR, and Google says JioPhone Next will be protected by the latest Android releases and security updates, but the exact period of this coverage is shared. Is not … (Smartphone vendors typically provide security and support for new Android software for about two years after launch.)

“We work closely with the Jio team to enable these users to consume content, navigate their phones in their native language, provide a great camera experience, and take advantage of the latest Android features and security. We’ve been working on engineering and product development for useful voice-priority features. Updates, “Google said in a statement.

Most smartphones shipped in India cost less than $ 150, but customers looking for smartphones under $ 100 have few options. And that choice has shrunk in recent years.

Research firm Counterpoint told TechCrunch that smartphones under $ 100 accounted for only 12% of the Indian smartphone market, down from 18% in 2019 and 24% in 2018. Smartphones under $ 50 accounted for only 0.3% of the total market in 2020. From 4.3% in 2018.

Smartphone makers are aware of this gap in the market, but find it very difficult to meet demand. Some companies, including Jio Platforms, have previously investigated various feature phones to reach people in small cities and towns in India. Jio Platforms’ KaiOS feature phones, called JioPhones, have attracted 100 million customers as of late February this year.

In a recent report to clients, UBS analysts said smartphones priced under $ 50 are likely to sell at a cost, given the recent surge in prices for memory components.

“This move by Jio will accelerate the transition from 2G to 4G, but we evaluated how interesting this space is for other smartphone makers, especially major players like Xiaomi. In India’s smartphone unit market leader. One Xiaomi, in our view, is unlikely to follow up on a $ 50 smartphone, “said TechCrunch in a report.

Google has also made some efforts before — $ 100 Android One Smartphone With the 2014 program Android Go consumes a lot of resources 2017 Operating System — Expands the range of Android.The company also has Supported KaiOSPowers popular feature phones.

JioPhone Next is “an important step in the Android mission in India and the first step for Android product and engineering teams to embark on India,” Google said in a statement. “We are also actively expanding our engineering team as we continue to look for ways to meet the unique needs of Indian smartphone users.”

Google and India’s Jio Platform Announce Budget Android Smartphone JioPhone Next – TechCrunch

Source link Google and India’s Jio Platform Announce Budget Android Smartphone JioPhone Next – TechCrunch

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