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Cincinnati coach Wes Miller knew the statistics were cold. Only 5 assists in 31 games of 2020-21 by Coffey Cockburn. As a result, Miller made some minor changes to his defensive game plan before Bearcats played in Illinois on Monday at the Hall of Fame Classic in Kansas City, Missouri.

Cockburn faced a fairly constant double team after Cincinnati thought he couldn’t defend Irini’s 7-foot player one-on-one, even with four centers on his roster. Knowing how infrequently the ball would return from the post a year ago, Miller put additional pressure on Cockburn from the surroundings. done.

Kansas took a different defensive approach on Tuesday. Not completely successful given the cockburn, he raised 23 points and 13 rebounds … and 2 assists. two! It will allow him to go through only two games a year, 40 percent of his road to the season.

This is what Cockburn has to do more than this season. He won 20 assists in 31 games as a true freshman in 2019-20. Just averaging one game is a step up — and a serious benefit to an Illinois attack. The ball moved better against Kansas State. It was not a fluke that Irini shot 26 of 12 from the range of three points.

Illinois guard Alfonso Plummer won 7-9 from a 3-point range in a victory over Wildcats. “You will be an open shooter in the corners and wings. He understands that. He’s a smart guy. He’s a smart player. Every time he sees two players, he Will look for a shooter. “

Good morning, Irinination: Passerby Coffey Cockburn | Sports

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