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POPE COUNTY — There were some great female cross-country runners this fall. For example, Du Quoin’s Olivia Phillips, Anna-Jonesboro’s Brodie Denny, Hamilton County’s Maddie Karcher, Pinckneyville’s Vanessa Teel, Carterville’s Molly Robertson, Murphysboro’s Miah Gilmore. A few.

But the best runner every day was Ahry Comer, a sophomore in Pope County.

Due to her efforts, Early was selected as the Southern Cross-Country Runner of the Year.

Comer’s praise is great:

  • 7th best runner in 17 minutes 54.79 seconds in class 1A
  • Trenton-Wesklin Division Champion
  • Carterville Regional Champion
  • Greater Egypt Conference Champion
  • AJ Invited Champion
  • Murfizboro Invited Champion
  • Hamilton County Invited Champion
  • Benton Champion A. Classic
  • Trenton-Wesklin Invited Champion
  • School record holder at 16:58 hours

“Early is very attractive to see me run,” said James Forceman, director of the Pope County Pirates. “I’m just trying to get out of her way.”

Forceman said plans and strategies were involved before each contest, noting that Kammer’s mother Holly and stepfather Eddie Mayhall were also part of the race preparation. But in the end, it’s up to Comer to decide when to increase the pace and when to move back a little.

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“This was my seventh year as a cross-country coach,” Forceman said. “And you can say that Early belongs to a different league than most other runners. She has a different motor. She’s the type that runs faster than she loses until her heart explodes. She runs. Has a great passion for, and her goal is to beat the state. “

Forthman added that he tried to upgrade the schedule to help Comer get exposed as the best competitor.

“That’s the idea,” he said. “In just over two years, Early will run at college level. Currently, her time is consistently in the 17 minute range, which is attractive to many schools. She will definitely get a scholarship. And if she starts reducing that time in her 16s, I can see her going to school for a big time to compete. “

Comer became a state champion in the middle school category two years ago. She then missed a run in the community and department as a freshman last year after a car accident injured one leg.

“She almost lost her leg, but fortunately everything went well. Early couldn’t start training until this June, but she was able to recover completely,” Forceman said. Says. “She used that downtime as a motivation for this past season. Imagine what she might have done if she could train for a year.”

Kammer became humble in the news of her award.

“I didn’t expect this-at least not this year,” said the sophomore. “This year has been a good year and I’m really happy with everything I’ve achieved. The work I’ve done this summer has paid off. I hope I can do the same or better next year.”

Kammer said he likes to challenge himself to perform better in each tournament.

“If I see someone in front of me or next to me in a race, I want to overtake that person. I know when I’ll do my best to win. What’s great about the state tournament is that I’ve never played. That’s it. I’ve played against many great runners. It was a really amazing experience. And the crowd was great. I’ve never seen a lot of people gather in the cross-country. Special was.”

Mr. Kammer said it was good to be in 7th place across the state, but she wouldn’t accept it.

“I’ve never lost a race so far, so I know how much effort I need to spend to win the next race,” she said.

Comer also pointed out that he made many new friends through competition.

“It’s one of the best parts of running,” she said. “I got to know a lot of girls. I like to make new friends.”

Pope County indigenous people are also ponies with one or more tricks. Comer participates in three additional sports, including volleyball, basketball and softball.

“She is my point guard in basketball and a good person,” Forceman said.

“I like basketball, but cross-country is definitely my favorite sport,” Kammer said.

Straight-Students working in the Student Organization, FBLA, FCA, Science and Arts clubs, Kammer, said he had to look to the future from time to time.

“I think a lot about college. North Carolina and LSU are my favorite schools. But to achieve that in a big school, even as a runner, a classroom.”

Girls Cross Country Runner of the Year | Pope County Earlycomers Add Another Praise | Sports

Source link Girls Cross Country Runner of the Year | Pope County Earlycomers Add Another Praise | Sports

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