George Floyd’s Trial: Judge Postpones Jury Selection During Murder Questions

Hennepin County Judge Peter Cayhill ordered Derek on the killing of George Floyd on Monday after the Court of Appeals ordered him to reconsider his original decision to dismiss a third-class murder charge against a former Minneapolis police officer.・ The start of Chauvin’s trial was postponed. The decision was made when a pool of potential juries waited for the selection process to begin.

Shovin’s defense lawyer, Eric Nelson, said he had finalized an appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court asking him to consider the question of whether to consider reinstatement of the murder charges. There was a delay.

“We are ready to try this case. It is not our intention to cause a delay,” Nelson said. Talking in court, Chauvin took notes at a nearby desk wearing a blue coat, tie and black face mask.

Despite the protracted uncertainty about the allegations that Chauvin faces, Kay Hill initially wanted to proceed with the jury selection process as planned. However, the prosecutor said he would appeal himself to suspend the selection process until an indictment was set up, so Kay Hill chose to send the jury pool that day home.

On Friday, the Court of Appeals ordered Cayhill to reconsider his original decision to dismiss Chauvin’s third-class murder charges. Cahill ruled after he, the state prosecutor, and Chauvin’s defense team discussed whether the Court of Appeals decision should be delayed.

The prosecution warned that proceeding with the jury selection could raise issues in the trial that could lead to an appeal after the trial is over. They also pointed out the importance of bringing the jury as close as possible to the start of the trial. However, Cahill said there was precedent in the murder case for adding or omitting prosecution after the jury was elected.

In the end, he chose to postpone the start of the selection process.

“In reality, I’m not going to be in the jury’s selection,” Kay Hill said. “There is no answer, at least until tomorrow. Therefore, unless either party disagrees, I will dismiss the jury and tomorrow I will start with the jury’s selection.”

Cahill said the court would spend a day listening to the legal team’s motion in limine setting the scope of the evidence and testimony of the trial, as the selection process is pending.

The trial was expected to continue until much of April, even before the issue of the resurrection of the third-class murder against Chauvin arose. The jury selection is expected to continue for several weeks. Judges, prosecutors, and defense lawyers appoint 12 juries and up to 4 agents. In this case, the opening discussion is not expected until around March 30th.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is leading a state proceeding against Chauvin. The defense team of former police officers is led by Nelson.

Floyd died in police detention on Memorial Day last year. This tragic event was filmed on video and fuels national protests against police atrocities and racial inequality that have spread rapidly around the world. Chauvin placed his knee on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes. Meanwhile, Floyd was fixed to the asphalt.

Chauvin was arrested four days after Floyd’s death. He and three other police officers on the scene (Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas K. Lane) were fired the day after Floyd was killed.

Sao, Quen, and Lane face the crime of aiding and aiding murder.

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George Floyd’s Trial: Judge Postpones Jury Selection During Murder Questions

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