Gender Inclusion Policy: FINA World Championships banned transgender athletes from attending women’s events

Budapest, Hungary-The World Swimming Governing Body has virtually banned transgender women from attending women’s events since Monday.

The video above is from a previous report: University of Pennsylvania transgender swimmer Lia Thomas rebounds and talks about future competition plans

FINA members widely adopted the new Gender Inclusion Policy on Sunday. This allows only swimmers who have transitioned before the age of 12 to participate in women’s events. The organization also proposed an “open competition category”.

“This does not mean that people are encouraged to move by the age of 12, but that there are unfair benefits to moving after the onset of puberty,” scientists say. .. A spokesman for FINA President Hussain al-Musalam told The Associated Press.

“They don’t say everyone should move by the age of 11. That’s ridiculous. In most countries you can’t move by that age. You’ve moved to competition without an advantage. For people. “

Pierce has confirmed that no transgender women are currently competing in elite-level swimming.

The World Transgender Health Professionals Association has reduced the recommended minimum age for starting transsexual hormone therapy to 14 years, and some surgery to 15 or 17 years.

FINA’s new 24-page policy also includes suggestions for the new “Open Competition” category. The organization said it would establish a “new working group to spend the next six months to consider the most effective ways to set this new category.”

Pierce told AP that open competition is likely to mean more events, but those details still need to be resolved.

“No one knows how this works, and we need to include many different people, including transgender athletes, to understand how it works,” he said. rice field. “So there are no details on how it works. The open category is something that will start to be discussed tomorrow.”

Members listen to presentations from three groups of experts (athlete group, science and medicine group, legal and human rights group) who have worked together to formulate policies according to the recommendations given, and then the extraordinary general meeting of the organization. Voted for 71.5%. According to the International Olympic Committee last November.

The IOC sought to shift focus from individual testosterone levels and seek evidence to prove when performance benefits existed.

FINA recognizes that “some individuals and groups may be uncomfortable with the use of medical and scientific terms related to gender and sex-related characteristics (although) individually. Sensitive terminology is required to be accurate about the sexual characteristics that justify competition. Category. “

In March, Lia Thomas made history in the United States as the first transgender woman to win the 500-yard freestyle NCAA Swimming Championships.

Thomas said last month at ABC’s “Good Morning America” ​​that he was aiming to become an Olympic swimmer. She also challenged those who said that “transgender women are not a threat to women’s sports” and that they have unfair biological advantages that undermine the integrity of women’s movements. rice field.

The University of Pennsylvania did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Thomas.

Other sports are also considering rules for transgender athletes.

On Thursday, the Cycling Governing Body updated the eligibility rules for transgender athletes, tightening restrictions and increasing the waiting time for riders to compete.

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has extended the transition period for low testosterone to two years and lowered the maximum permissible level of testosterone. Previously, the transition period was 12 months, but recent scientific research shows that the “long-awaited muscle mass and strength / power adaptation” of athletes who have transitioned from male to female can take at least two years. Is shown.

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Gender Inclusion Policy: FINA World Championships banned transgender athletes from attending women’s events

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