GB News can be to broadcast what Ukip has done in politics

We cannot escape the fact that days were hard for GB News. The decision of one of the presenters to live their knees in the air horrified the audience base built by the relatively new channel. I know this is the case because I received emails from some people saying “this is worse than the BBC”.

That comment is unfair, but there is no doubt that many were very upset and angry that GB News seemed to “wake up” like any other mainstream media. In any case, the proposal is not true. One individual acted in a particular way, and that is the end of the problem. There is no doubt that the station will continue to provide the long-awaited counterbalance to the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 News and Sky.

On Friday, GB News Chairman Andrew Neil wrote: GB News is no exception. But the channel is stepping in and has a great future. When I read those words, I remembered in several ways how Ukip found himself in 2006. Television personality Robert Kilroy-Silk participated in the European elections two years ago. Ukip managed to beat the Liberal Democratic Party and finished third in the 2004 European elections. But this success was short-lived. Opinion polls show that the party has fallen to less than a percent due to internal controversy and subsequent major failures with Kilroy-Silk. With the announcement of the Ukip leader election, I decided to put my name forward. I succeeded. It took some time to build Ukip, but the party eventually gained the status of a major party and changed the political situation in Britain.

Many years ago, I predicted that Ukip would cause an earthquake, and that happened, so I’ll mention this. I feel that there is a similar opportunity for British broadcasting. London-based mainstream media talks about recent events at GB News Desperately unable to contact Discussed with the general public issues such as illegal immigration, population pressure and highly controversial social change. So once again, I decided to take the plunge.

Starting tomorrow at 7pm, I’ll be introducing my new prime time show on GB News. It’s just titled “Farage”. It airs four nights a week and precedes Andrew Neil’s program between 8 pm and 9 pm. I will continue to co-sponsor the Conservative MP Dehenna Davison and trade union member Paul Embery on Sundays from 10 am to noon.

My new show It follows the same format used by LBC for more than 3 years until 2020. We will consider the main issues of the day, give opinions, and invite expert guests and the general public. Please challenge that view. The purpose is to have a wise and open discussion. Often, I scrutinize the subject that other broadcasters choose to avoid.

It happens that the first day of the new program coincides with the so-called Free Day. The word itself rebelled me, suggesting that the government should somehow “own” people’s freedom and thank them for being returned to politicians. To make matters worse, there is a new proposal to administer tens of millions of flu jabs this winter, including children over the age of two. I find such ideas very disturbing and look forward to challenging and being challenged by others in discussing them.

GB News has an exciting plan to broadcast its output on DAB radio starting this fall, and it’s already available on Freeview TV. There are also some stunning and easy-to-use apps that have already attracted over 200,000 users. For all these reasons, I am excited about this new challenge. I’m confident that GB News has a bright future, just as I thought Ukip would not only recover, but actually prosper.

By the way, another commitment I’m very happy about is that I won’t give in to anyone at the new show.

GB News can be to broadcast what Ukip has done in politics

Source link GB News can be to broadcast what Ukip has done in politics

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