Gator dirty with diesel oil spills scrubs and cleans teeth

New Orleans-Wildlife rehabilitation officials decontaminate dozens of crocodile in the weeks following a pipeline rupture dumping 300,000 gallons (1.1 million liters) of diesel fuel into wetlands in the New Orleans region. I brush my sharp teeth and scrape off the scaly skin.

Federal records show that diesel was poured into areas outside Chalmette on the outskirts of New Orleans on December 27, after a heavily corroded pipeline broke.

After that, 78 crocodiles were rescued, 33 of which were cleaned by Friday and released to the National Wildlife Sanctuary in New Orleans, about 10 miles (16 km) from the spill site in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. I did. Wildlife and fisheries said.

Cleaning a 6-foot (2 meter) crocodile on Thursday required eight people: four holders, two scrubbers, one with a hose for hot water rinsing, and one for cleaning. Now to change the water. In February 2010, the ministry’s oil spill coordinator was spilled less than three months after a large BP oil spill off the coast of Louisiana.

According to Carver, the impact of the December diesel spill on wildlife was relatively large compared to most spills in Louisiana.

Rehabilitating many crocodiles at once is new to us, “Carber said.

She said she would use a hard piece of wood “like a really old-fashioned mop handle” to rub her teeth and keep the crocodile’s jaw open.

Teeth cleaning is gradually approaching the end of a series of body washes that clean the gunk with a low concentration of Dawn dishwashing liquid. “They literally wash their mouths with soap, but that’s the only thing that works,” Carver said.

She said almost all of the spills went into two man-made ponds, and only the smaller ponds were completely covered with diesel.

Most of it has been recovered from the pond, and Collins Pipeline, an operator in Collins, Mississippi, is working on a plan to deal with contaminated soil, according to Gregory Langley, a spokesman for the Department of Environmental Quality, Louisiana.

Collins Pipeline, a subsidiary of PBF Energy based in New Jersey, has been aware of corrosion on the outside of pipes at spill sites since the October 2020 inspection, according to federal records. However, the second inspection revealed that the corrosion was not so severe and immediate action was needed, delaying the repair. At the time of the spill, the company was waiting for permission to work and planned to start it later this month, records show.

Dustin Renault, a spokesman for the environmental nonprofit Healthy Gulf, said the Gulf Coast is constantly at risk of spills from corroded oil and gas pipelines.

“It’s time to take a systematic approach to reviewing oil and gas infrastructure vulnerabilities and begin the process of repairing and removing these rusty buckets,” he said in an email. rice field.

The spilled fuel killed about 2,300 fish in two pits where the soil was excavated for construction. Most were minnows and baitfish, including shad, gar, sunfish, and small bass, according to Carver.

Federal records show that the area is equipped with cannons that make noise to keep birds and animals away.

Most crocodiles were brought in within two weeks of the spill, but seven were rescued this week, Carver said.

More than 100 animals found dead included 39 snakes, 32 birds and 9 frogs.

Twenty-three live birds were found, according to Carver, but only three survived the combination of diesel and cold. She said two were released and the third was still under treatment.

According to Carver, the agency euthanized three crocodiles over eight feet in length. They were deep diesel and were “roughly shaped,” she said.

Birds and small reptiles, according to Carver, have their mouths wiped when they are captured or brought in.

According to federal records, Collins told authorities on the night of December 27 that the meter was likely to break within an hour of going to the scene and about nine hours after shutting down the pipeline. I notified you.

Langley noted that the investigation was ongoing and did not comment on whether the department considered the passage of time to be an issue.

“Once the investigation is complete, the department’s executives may be asked if environmental regulations have been violated,” he wrote in an email Friday.

Langley said the Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator Office is leading the state’s investigation. On Friday, the office did not immediately return the call for comment.

Released at the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge, the crocodile contains 11 babies less than 18 inches (46 cm) in length.

Gator must wait for their cleaning until all contaminated food has passed through the digestive system, Carver said.

Nearby babies shared a children’s pool, while other babies have their own children’s pool inside a plywood enclosure.

“We found that cyclone fencing doesn’t really work because big gaiters really like to climb,” says Carver.


Brown reported from Billings, Montana.

Gator dirty with diesel oil spills scrubs and cleans teeth

Source link Gator dirty with diesel oil spills scrubs and cleans teeth

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