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This weekend, the University of Utah’s Rice-Eccles Stadium hosted a legendary country music star. Garth Brooks..The concert was a huge success and the chart-top solo artist was able to fill the large ones without any problems. 50,000 seats For his weekend concert.

Overall, Brooks’ concert, one of Salt Lake City’s biggest events of over a year, could set a precedent for a larger event at U’s newly expanded stadium.

Road to performance

At a press conference the day before the concert, Brooks said the show had been in production for a long time and was something he was worried about.

Excited to return to playing in front of the crowd after more than a year of pandemic restrictions, Brooks had to do Postponed His first show returned to the roads of Las Vegas several times. Fortunately, the artist and his team were finally able to make the tour a reality and were excited to come to Salt Lake and play in a stadium of this size.

The event required a lot of preparation. A few weeks before Brooks arrived, I was able to see construction workers working day and night at the stadium to prepare for the greatest performance ever.This is the first time $ 80 Million Expansion Musicians and crowds of this size lived in the stadium.

The expansion project, officially launched in December 2019, increased the stadium’s capacity from 45,807 to 51,444 and included many upgrades to the stadium’s equipment.

The project continued despite controversy over such an expensive project as the pandemic struck the United States in early 2020.

Night to remember

Prior to the concert, Brooks mentioned the expected high temperatures at the 7 pm show and urged fans not to arrive on time to avoid the heat. To be sure, the sun was still shining at the start of the show, and the cooling stations around the stadium were a painful sight.

The show finally started nearly two hours late. This is because some of the heaviest stadium traffic seen in the area for a long time delayed attendance at the event. Before and after the concert, all the roads leading to UTA’s public transport and the stadium were completely crowded, but after the music finally started, fans could enjoy a party-like atmosphere. ..

When Brooks started things, the audience was taken to Brooks’ famous favorite pop country hit and a slow soulful ballad setlist. An easy transition between high-energy songs and some more depressing songs showed exactly why his concert’s 50,000 tickets sold out quickly and the audience’s spirit was high from start to finish. It was.

A truly kind and very talented performer, Brooks will always be back in Salt Lake City.

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Garth Brooks is the first musician to rock the new Rice-Eccles – Daily Utah Chronicle

Source link Garth Brooks is the first musician to rock the new Rice-Eccles – Daily Utah Chronicle

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