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Beatwriter Scot Ritchie is back and is offering all game updates as long as 4th Illinois takes over 2nd Michigan.

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Brad Underwood raised Michigan guard Mike Smith many times during Monday’s Zoom Call prior to tonight’s match. Illinois coaches were impressed by the transfer of former Fenwick star, NG Allstate First Team Pick, and Colombian graduate.

“He has a great experience,” said Underwood. “There are really good players around him. They have put him into a variety of actions. He is a very good shotmaker, beyond rank and even as a prolific scorer in Colombia. Known. He is the engine that powers them, and he does it very well. “

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Andre Crubero called tonight’s match against Michigan a “statement game.” Brad Underwood has recorded these late-season games as “meaningless,” but at least in terms of deciding something in the Big Ten, like the league title, it’s still about the top four teams. There is something.

“You pinpoint the specific games that appear on your schedule each year,” Underwood said. “As the season progresses, it’s probably more relevant. Obviously, it’s getting more attention because it’s the two top teams. When I go through conference play, I think it’s grind. We all go through it. It’s good to get a little. We have a different view of the game. It’s two good teams to play hard. We may meet again in a week. ” ..

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It became official late Monday morning. Michigan has passed Baylor in second place in the Associated Press’s Top 25. Wolverines have already passed the Bears in Kempom’s efficiency rankings and tracked Gonzaga.

“I was fortunate to meet both Gonzaga and Baylor in person,” said Brad Underwood, Illinois coach. “I think Michigan is in their caliber. I don’t think there’s any doubt about it. Juwan did a really good job. It’s a veteran team. I was very impressed by Mike Smith. They Point guard. He’s always known as a really good scorer, but he’s a facilitator. He made them better. (Isaiah) Rivers and (Franz) Wagner, and Hunter (Dickinson) improvements Gives them an internal presence that may not have been last year.

“A very connected team. A team that plays with a lot of passion and energy. To beat them, you have to play very well.”

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If you don’t follow people like former Illinois guards Sean Harrington and Mike La Tulip on Twitter, you’ll need to. Harrington turned basketball into a career as a college hoop analyst at ESPN. LaTulip coached the House of’Paign in a basketball tournament last summer.

Both have real insights into the game. like this …

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Here’s the news that everyone has been waiting for. Despite traveling to Ann Arbor, Michigan and participating in a shootout at the Chrisler Center at least today, Illinois junior guard Ayodsomm will not face Michigan tonight.

This is the third consecutive miss game for Dosunmu, who suffered a facial injury from the defeat of Irini in Michigan a week ago. Illinois aims for three consecutive victories without Dosunmu, but second-placed Michigan is a bit more challenging than Nebraska and Wisconsin.

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This is where Illinois’ fan-based thinking is now. The official Twitter account of the Ilini basketball team posted a video this afternoon of Jacob Grandison’s 25th consecutive three-pointer win at a shootaround at the Chrisler Center on Tuesday.

What’s the big point from the video? It wasn’t the heater Grandison. It was a moment when Ayo Dosunmu entered the frame so that the sides of his face could be seen. It looks good enough to show his face mask.

This wasn’t a COVID-19 face mask (and everyone keeps wearing your mask). This was Dosunmu’s protective mask. This is a requirement after suffering a facial injury to Michigan State University a week ago. He was so badly injured that he missed the last two games.

How Dosum handled the shootaround will influence his availability game time decisions as Fourth Illinois faces Second Michigan tonight in Ann Arbor, Michigan. If Illinois is the top scorer and has a potential player of the year, Illinois’s confusing victory is definitely more likely.

Of course, that is undecided.

It’s the importance of this game that doesn’t change whether Dosunmu is playing or not. Will the result change the Big Ten title race? It’s unlikely. Can Irini secure her position as the No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament? It’s not 100% definitive, but if you play at the regular season finale or Big Ten Conference at Ohio State University, you’ll be in a pretty good place.

It’s March. The fun has just begun.

Gameday Central: Michigan 21, Illinois 18; First Half 3:58 | Sports

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