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Chicago (CBS) — Chicago Police Department issued a formal warning after robbery continued in and around the Magnificent Mile in the city. At this time, the stores continue to leave, and other stores fight to continue their business after the epidemic.

Tara Molina of CBS2 reports that retail industry leaders are hesitant to enter new businesses because the problem is so bad. This hesitation is not only the ongoing problem of retail theft and robbery here and throughout the city, but the city is no longer a safe place.

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Part of North Michigan Avenue remains vacant and locked, demonstrating the city’s struggle on the Magnificent Mile. Older tenants like Macy’s and Disney are gone, and there are no immediate plans for new tenants in the old Macy’s space at Water Tower Place.

Rob Kerr, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Illinois Retailers Association, said: “The national impression is that Chicago is not a safe place, and the incident we saw this morning this weekend, the episode before it, only feeds it.”

Mr Kerr said sales tax losses associated with these ongoing crimes would hurt cities, counties, and states in Illinois.

Robbery continues in this area Chicago police have warned that a suspect, described only as a young teenage man, is robbing the exhibit. No one has been detained and the robbery is still under investigation.

“It’s a serious problem and we have to deal with it,” Aldo said. Brian Hopkins (2nd), shoppers and visitors aren’t the only ones paying attention, so adding impact to the city is far greater than a police warning. “Commercial brokers, when they get potential interest from tenants, are one of the first questions they ask, and Chicago to stop the flow of retail shoplifting rings operating exempt from downtown. It will tell you what’s happening in, and there’s currently no good answer for that. “

“We expect these vacancy rates to continue to decline.”

But it’s not just the ongoing problems in and around the Magnificent Mile that are causing concern. At least three Seven-Eleven were attacked during Monday morning commute, By the crew of an armed robber in downtown.

“Police stations need to work closely with state law firms. They were very reluctant to prosecute retail theft,” Hopkins said.

Karr agreed.

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“I think we have to see the prosecution,” he said. “Obviously, there’s a sense of running through the criminal element that has no effect here. We need to look to the courtroom and all the players in this drama to get Chicago back to its former state. I think we need to look at. “

According to Hopkins, the Chicago Police Department is taking a proactive approach by acting on information from sources.

“We have a tactical plan to respond to all the information we come up with about planned retail theft. There were rumors that one of Oak Street’s luxury stores would be hit, This weekend will be the same, “he said. “We were able to deploy a unit containing secret resources. Fortunately, that didn’t happen, but if it did, we were ready.”

The Cook County law firm has issued the following statement regarding concerns about the Magnificent Mile:

“We are aware of community concerns about crime and the potential impact it can have on our business security as well as our sense of security. We are aware of the facts and evidence. Based on that, we will continue to prosecute retail theft cases for misdemeanor and felony, where appropriate. “

Cumulatively this year, prosecutors have considered and issued 38 retail theft cases with ZIP Code 60611, including Magnificent Mile and Streeterville, according to a state law firm. A total of 18 people were found felony, 10 were charged and 6 were convicted.

The state law firm also noted that in December 2016, state lawyer Kim Foxx raised the standard for felony retail theft to $ 1,000. Prosecutors have stated that some of such thefts have been misdemeanored, but they are not included in the aforementioned data.

The state law firm also said it had considered 82 gun cases with a 60611 zip code earlier this year, approved the charges at 70, charged 29, and was convicted at 23.

The Chicago Police Department did not respond to requests for comment.

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Meanwhile, at least one Magnificent Mile store, Neiman Marcus, says he has no plans to go anywhere, despite the sale of the building that houses the store.

“The Neiman Marcus Group has no plans to close its location in Chicago. Neiman Marcus is currently a tenant of this building owned by 737 North Michigan Avenue Investors LLC.”

Further Problems in the Region, Once the Crown Jewel of American Retail – CBS Chicago

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