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Champaign — Mike LaTulip is a month before the House of’Paign gathers in Peoria on July 21st for a three-day training camp prior to the first round of basketball tournament matches.

The roster is set up for a team of alumni in Illinois, where four players will run it with six newcomers after last year’s quarterfinals.

House of Pain’s status as a second seed in the first round match against Illinois Regional was also confirmed on Monday, with Jackson TN Underdog of the 15th seed on the other line of the bracket.

But before the tournament starts playing at Peoria’s Civic Center, LaTulip has only one month to work on, with House of’Paign and Braveley’s alumni team Always a Brave — potential second-round opponents — working together. Acts as a host.

“The reconnaissance will begin tonight,” La Tulip said Monday afternoon, planning to dive into Underdawgs. “You try to connect people together and put together a game plan. Then it’s getting on the zoom and getting these guys to adapt to each other as much as possible …. Regarding execution and game planning. Make this a degree of collaboration.

“Once you get to Peoria for a training camp, it implements the set and makes sure the ballscreen coverage is reduced. Jump on the Zoom call at the front end and knock out some of the more complex details. This will speed up the process so you can start running when you reach Peoria. “

This is a new look House of’Paign roster, but in reality it has a lot of experience with TBT.

Andres Feliz, Mike Daum, Nnanna Egwu and Leron Black are all back after playing for an Illinois alumni team last summer. The newcomers are headed by former Irinigard Demetri McCaymy and Brandon Paul, who have previously had TBT experience. McKemy won the tournament title against Carmen’s crew in 2019, and Paul played multiple seasons with TBT’s regular team Hines.

“It’s huge,” La Tulip said, referring to McCamey and Paul’s TBT experience. “(Paul) has a lot of respect for this tournament and knows how high the level of competition is. At Demetri, you’re talking about someone who has previously won this tournament. You then take There are many things you can do.

“I’m very involved when it comes to helping (McKamey’s) hire. He sends me a video the morning he enters the gym. All of that is great. It wins the championship. It’s a type of buy-in. Another guy from Brandon definitely wants to get involved. It’s not just, “Hey, yeah, I play, and I see you in the tournament.”

Other newcomers to the House of’Paign include former Illini Rayvonte Rice, Jaylon Tate and Kipper Nichols. Joining Daum as a TBT “graduate transfer” is the prominent former Northwestern Michael “Juice” Thompson.

“We balance people who can not only put the ball in the basket, but also make it easier,” LaTulip said. “Some people on this team know that it’s their job to maneuver the attack and deploy people to succeed. That’s the underrated part of this tournament — play. Those who have the ball in their hands that can be. Certainly, there are a lot of very powerful people for that. “

LaTulip also confirmed that he had a strong rebounder in every position. Even though Feliz and Daum finished last year’s tournament as two of the top rebounds on the field, La Tulip was defeated by the Dayton Alumni team in the quarterfinals due to the aggressive rebound given to the Redscare Trey Landers. I felt like it made a difference.

“You learn from those types of games and try to prevent that from happening again,” said House of Pain coach and general manager. “One of my favorite things about this team is the ability to rebound in my position. Almost everyone is a great rebounder in their size and position.”

LaTulip needs to understand how the roster he put together will fight against Jackson TN Underdawgs. 2016-19 TBT regular scouting materials by many current professionals are available.

“Fortunately, it’s a team they’re not the first to attend,” LaTulip said. “They’re messing around and wearing hats trying to beat you. If they’re still playing abroad, or if they’ve played abroad in the last few years, they’ll tell them. You can find movies. Use Synergy to clip personnel and put them in an advantageous location to put together a game plan to win the game. “

Scott Richey is a reporter on college basketball in The News-Gazette.His email is srichey@news-gazette.comYou can follow him on Twitter (@srrichey).

Full-scale preparation for House of’Paign | Sports

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