Frenzy makes watching the show rewarding

New Delhi [India], August 20 (ANI / Mediawire): Imagine a world where someone is paying you to be a couch potato and smashing your favorite show in front of your TV. Frenzy actually does most of it.

An app that helps viewers find the best movies and TV shows to watch, Frenzi invites you to the “Add Friends”, “Write a Review” and “Recommended” shows.

Redeem these points for OTT platform subscriptions and other exciting offers in the “Transactions” section of the app. Please-“Frenzi Points Kamao, Subscriptionle Jao”.

Why FRENZI? With the explosive growth of shows and OTT platforms, deciding what to watch has become a difficult decision. In other words, OTT viewers are stuck with “many problems” and “paradoxes of choice.” To look at this situation-you will remember how many times we asked our friends for suggestions on “what to look for”. If the recommendation resonates with your taste, the friend turns into an influential person overnight for all future choices.

With Frenzi reaching out to help, you’ll have faster access to recommendations, and you’ll be credible as they come from your own circle of friends and like-minded people. In fact, streaming decisions will be easier and the whole process will be fun and rewarding.

Check out the video: What is FRENZI? Given the explosive growth of the OTT platform, Frenzi founders and CEOs Balkrishna Hari Singh and Harry (Harvinderjit Bhatia) launched Frenzi in 2020.

What really works for viewers is how Frenzi uses artificial intelligence and FI / CI (Friends Intelligence and Community Intelligence) to calculate a quick real-time list of trending chart busting shows.

Frenzi is already India’s fastest growing streaming social network.

Frenzi is currently running a promotional campaign to help consumers build their own filmy community. The app invites you to “Add Friend”. “Write a review” to recommend the show and earn points at every stage. Redeem these points for OTT platform subscriptions and other exciting offers in the trading section of the app.

What if I don’t have enough points? No problem. You can purchase a subscription with Frenzi, earn “bonus points” and start your kitten with the next subscription.

Viewers are now speaking out: Indeed, the OTT world of popular shows in Hindi, English, and major regional languages ​​is revealing the discovery and consumption of influencer-centric content. It is backed up.

With Frenzi developing highly exciting and innovative plans for its viewers, consumers are already eager to become critics and renowned digital influencers.

Finally, viewers can now use “audio.” This helps viewers create a circle of influence, connect with friends on their favorite shows, and continue to earn rewards. The app has many more exciting options coming soon on the platform.

Download Frenzi now to get the most out of this rewarding journey and get through the clutter.

Gain freedom from paying for your subscription. So what keeps you? This story is provided by Mediawire. ANI is not responsible for the content of this article. (ANI / Mediawire)

Frenzy makes watching the show rewarding

Source link Frenzy makes watching the show rewarding

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